Chances of The Men in Black by being connected to the government are?

are you leaning more towards a quote unquote Hollywood, the government agency or the other side of that coin, I guess? I guess there’s probably some middle ground somewhere in here, but another extraterrestrial visitors are coming to you and saying, Hey, don’t talk about what you’ve seen.

The man in black by being connected to the government are almost zero. And as I said, the only reason why that the saved as government agencies from the movies, you know, they, they, producers, directors and writers of the movies shows to make them as government agency because that movie franchise was based on a comic book series from the Nineteen Nineties called man in black, which also portrayed them as sacred agents. So the movies just bought the rights to the producer that should set a company’s, bought the rights and followed on with the same of the comic books. But they, comic books have very different to the reality. Um, you know, the reality of the reality men in black. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie called dark city. It’s like a Scifi movie which has these creepy guys in black suits, or for example, what are called the agents in the matrix movies. Who are these sort of, again, these black sooty creepy characters. They’re more like the real man in black rather than the Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones men in black.

Nick Redfern

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