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Charles Banks

Politics, the paranormal, and paranormal politics. The continuation of a thin-skinned and weak feelings generation, and taking on one of the most taboo type things today; talking religion and politics around the dinner table. On this episode of The Malliard Report Jim welcomes author and teacher Charles Banks to the show to discuss how we as a generation have become too afraid to talk about important things, too easily offended by criticisms that would normally be seen as helpful, and people still being weirded out by “professionals” having an interest in the unusual.

Charles grew up in small, rural Iowa where wooden spoon corrections and open forum discussion were commonplace. Charles climbed through the educational ranks and became an educator himself. His love for knowledge is something that is regarded by many, however, even with the vast amounts of credibility that Charles holds, some people still find his passion for the paranormal something as a taboo topic. A question that has been asked time and time again on this show is “how in this day and age are people still so fearful of admitting that there is something that we may not be able to explain?” There is too much credible evidence available through many different types of outlets that one cannot deny the fact that there is something strange in the neighborhood. When will we as a whole put the fear aside and actually embrace the unusual?

Charles, a long time friend of The Malliard Report, is guest that keeps things entertaining to the very end. You can find Charles’ books in both digital and physical formats through many different retailers. (Around the Dinner Table Religion and Politics The Butt Hurt Saga 1962-2015 is a great read by the way) You can catch up on all things Malliard through the website and connect with Jim via Twitter @malliard. Make sure to head over to our sponsor and get yourself a new shirt!