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Chip Reichenthal

Everyone that has a form or stake within the paranormal world has that one defining moment that pushes them into the status of “believer.” For some, it may come in the form of seeing an apparition, others may have seen items move on their own, while some may hear voices from the hereafter. Such is the case for this week’s guest Chip Reichenthal who happened to have a conversation with a friend of his after he had passed on.

Chip Reichenthal is a published Author, Lecturer and Radio Host who’s been fascinated with afterlife sciences since ‘seeing and speaking’ with his best friend at the moment of the friend’s death in 1979. Since, Chip has spent more than three decades exploring areas of paranormal, metaphysical and psychological aspects of afterlife science and theory. Ultimately, Chip hopes to highlight the positive and loving sides of potential communication with discarnate energies or spirit, especially examining the role of accurate historical research, theoretical physics, belief systems, mind-over-matter, and consciousness as an energy form. He’s has had success as a spirit medium and great aptitude in paranormal investigations, hypnotherapy and an excellent grasp of Tarot. Chip has hosted radio shows on six networks, appeared in films, and hosted or worked with many of the greatest minds and talents in paranormal, parapsychology, metaphysics and physics.”

Chip is a great guest and truly has a wealth of knowledge when it comes the paranormal field, and certainly has seen a number of the vastly differing methods and techniques that have evolved over the years. (Going from snapping to a few Polaroid shots in random darkness, to the elaborate and extensive setups that are available today). You can find Chip’s book on major online retailers, reach out to him on social media and of course catch radio show every week. For all things Malliard head over to to sign up for the newsletter, listen to past shows, and even be part of the DuckPond live chats. You can connect with Jim through all social media outlets @malliard and don’t forget to rate and review The Malliard Report on your favorite podcasting app.