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Chris Brown – UFO encounter


Guest: Chris Brown

Encountering the paranormal is a life-altering event, and the effects of that event vary from person to person. While there is the unique group of people like us that actively search it out, there are others that unintentionally cross paths with the abnormal. With the evidence amassing at a near record pace for the proof of a reality far different from that of which we have been conditioned to know; open acceptance is something that may not happen any time soon and skepticism still runs very deep. Such is the case of this week’s guest, Chris Brown. Chris’ UFO encounter in 2011 has changed his life drastically, and his quest to make his and others’ stories heard continues to this day.

At the beginning of the interview we quickly learn that this is not the first meeting between Chris and Jim, but this is the first recorded interview for The Malliard Report. Jim and Chris start out by discussing the record setting 1.5 billion dollar Power Ball jackpot that had the entire nation in complete suspense. Chris states that if he were to strike the jackpot he would use his winnings to buy a large log cabin style home up in the remote Pacific Northwest and travel the world. Jim says that he would take his winnings, purchase a tour bus, and take the show on the road. (So would the new slogan be “THE fastest road trip in paranormal talk radio?) What about you? What would you do with that kind money? Chris and Jim ponder on how so many of the big jackpot winners find themselves in far worse situations than what they started out in.

After an anecdotal tale of using tip money to win on a gambling machine, the conversation shifts into the very first UFO encounter Chris experienced and how that paved the way for the journey that he is currently on. On the evening of August 18th 2011 Chris Brown was out casually watering his lawn when a massive disc shows up in the field just down the way from him. Chris describes the craft to be that of diamond/glass in appearance and produced a sort of “vibrating” energy that was physically felt. Finding himself absolutely dumbfounded at what was he was witnessing, he finally gathered his thoughts enough to where he knew he needed to get someone else to see what he was seeing. Unsure of whether he should get one of his neighbors, or try and snap a few pictures with his nearby iPod, he moved closer to try and get a better view of the object. The craft then moved across the neighborhood to another field where it sat for a few more minutes before taking off and disappearing.

Unsure to what exactly he had just witnessed, and determined that he needed to see this again, Chris set out every night on a vigilante over watch on the nighttime sky. Night after night of fruitless hunting, Chris was becoming discouraged with the whole situation. On the night of the 27th of August, frustrated by another eventless night, Chris and his son were about to head inside when the both heard a loud “pop” accompanied with a bright flash. When they both looked to see what the cause of this was, they noticed what appeared to be a bubble, approximately five feet in diameter traveling along the fiber optic lines that run done the road. Chris stated that it appeared as if the bubble was “feeding off of the lines” for energy. The bubble continued down its course, made another “pop”, and took off into the sky. Having confirmed what he saw a few weeks prior, and now with witnesses, Chris contacted a friend that was a local power company worker to verify what they had seen was not an issue with the power lines. When there were no issues reported for that timeframe, Chris Brown was now on a mission to make his story known.

This is the part that many people that encounter paranormal events run into the most frustration. They reach out to share their story, or to find answers and only meet skepticism and criticism and in Chris’ case it was no different. Chris originally sought to contact local news agencies and scientist, but ended up running into brick wall after brick wall. Eventually writers from MUFON contacted Chris and they reported his story in the December 2014 issue of the MUFON Monthly Journal. His story garnered their interest due to the number of witnesses that saw the craft (turns out not only did Chris and his son see the craft, so did a neighbor!) and incredible level of detail Chris gave describing the series of events. The story has since become the subject of MUFON investigations and was also featured in the book “Alien Equation” by Erica Goetsch.

As the time quickly winds down, Chris Brown and Jim also discuss how the event has changed Chris’ outlook on a number of things, experiences that have followed the sighting and how they have affected Chris, and Chris reiterates that he is just a normal guy that is trying to get his, and the countless others’ story told. This is a fascinating story to hear, and the hour just flies by proving yet again that The Malliard Report truly is THE fastest hour in paranormal talk radio.


You can read Chris’ testimony and see his drawings of the orb here: