Chris George Zuger Philosophy of Conspiracy

Chris George Zuger

A 32nd degree free mason, a podcaster, and a sandwich connoisseur all walk into a bar, order a scotch, and the bar tender says “How ya doin’ today Chris?” Bad interdiction jokes aside, this week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes Chris George Zuger from the Den of Lore podcast to talk about profiteers of the fringe, the often and unfortunate divisiveness among those in the “fringe” elements, and how people themselves are the biggest catalyst to knowing the very truth that they seek.

Described as an “…entrepreneurial-spirited, writer, art director, strategist, business developer, and musician…” Chris has been able to utilize his multifaceted skill set to see great success in his own podcast which is aptly titled “Den of Lore.” The Den of Lore is a podcast and YouTube feed that features a different guest each week to discuss Science and Tech, UFOs, The Occult, Pop Culture, and a number of other “fringe” topics in hopes to give the listener a better understanding of the topic at hand. Chris prides himself at having some of the top experts in their respected fields providing some of the best information for his audience.

A particular topic that Chris is incredibly passionate about, and is something that is being noticed by more and more people (however it has been prevalent within the field for quite some time) and that is of “hucksters” within the “truther” or “fringe” movements. Those particular individuals that seem to have all of the answers, but coincidently enough continually have a new product of some form to push. Inevitably these individuals often have a giant lead from a source they cannot reveal at just about the same time a new product of theirs is about to launch. Chris warns that we need to be weary of any information that we take in. As the old saying goes, trust but verify. The only profits that information should generate is the betterment of the common good, not the fourth quarter bottom line.

Chris is a rapid fire and energetic guest, so be prepared for a fast episode. Chris and Jim cover a wide array of topics such as Masonic myths, the reasoning behind people clinging to fabricated beliefs, how to interpret information put before you, and his favorite type of sandwich. You can find Den of Lore at or on just about every social media outlet under the same name. And as always, you can keep up with the latest of all things Malliard via Twitter @Malliard.