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Chris Olson – Writer


This week on The Malliard Report, Jim features a guest that you probably have never heard of, but are familiar with if you have been following The Report for anytime. This week Jim pulls the curtain back and welcomes show notes writer Chris Olson. (Breaking the fourth wall here folks, yep. It’s me that you get to hear on this one. You can finally put a voice to an anonymous writing style, or finally, figure out who this random guy that Jim is always interacting with on Twitter.) Taking on the role for the better part of two years, Chris works quietly behind the scenes, digging into the topics that the eclectic and diverse range of guests on the show bring to the table. With a heavy interest on conspiracies, a long time fascination with the paranormal and strange, and a love for Lakers Basketball Chris shares his thoughts on a number of conspiracies, paranormal television shows, what it is like working with Jim, and a past life as a small time musician.

While conspiracy theories are not stranger to The Malliard Report, one that has yet to receive a lot of attention is that of the fate of Adolf Hitler. Like most conspiracies, there is a history that is taught to us, and then there is a reality with many a story falling somewhere in the middle. It is common knowledge that many Nazi leaders and scientist were able to escape the Nuremberg Trials either through outlets like Operation Paperclip or just outright fled to Central and South America where they were able to finish out their last days quietly. However, we are told that during the Soviet raid on Berlin Hitler and his wife Eva committed suicide within the confines of their bunker in fear of receiving the same fate that Italian leader Mussolini met.

This has been the widely accepted story for the better part of sixty years, but over the last decade, more and more evidence has been surfacing that Hitler, in fact, was NOT in the bunker during the raid and actually escaped to Argentina via German U-Boat. While this may seem like any other crazy theory thrown into the mix just because people do not want to believe the narrative handed to them, this one is different because there are actual declassified documents from the FBI citing this information. Additionally, during the Nuremberg Trials, Thomas Dodd, Chief of the US trial counsel was quoted saying that in reference to Hitler “No one can say he is dead” and when questioned by President Truman about whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin adamantly said “No”. To top off this conspiratorial layer cake, in 2009 forensic tests were done on the skull that was found in the alleged bunker and results showed that the skull belonged to a woman that was less than 40 years old.

So go ahead and jump into this episode, and listen to my crazy ramblings about ghosts, conspiracies, and Jim’s 2020 presidential run. I love working with The Malliard Report, and find that you listeners are the best. Feel free to reach out to me because I love talking with people about these (or any topic for that matter) subjects, or if you have an idea that would make the notes better. I can be found via Twitter @Chris_Olson_ below you can find the link to the actual FBI documents regarding the escape of Hitler.