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Chris Olson

While Jim Malliard is the face (the voice?), lead researcher, booker and scout, web developer, marketing strategist, merchandise design, and countless other roles, he does also have a small team that…well, really doesn’t do much more than send nonsensical texts, and call in and harass him during live call shows. This week Jim begrudgingly welcomes one of these individuals to the show to discuss a smattering of random topics. This week Jim features Christopher Olson to the show.
Chris…me…the person writing this right now…has been a part of the show for a number of years now. Forget the fourth wall for a bit. I’m just going to write to you dear reader and listener as if we were sitting across from each other over a cup of coffee. As many of you know, I help Jim with the show notes and some behind the scenes producer stuff. I’ve had the pleasure of calling Jim a friend for quite some time. I love the paranormal, conspiracies, music, food, and coffee. I’ve been a musician for a majority of my life, enjoy conducting ITC sessions at known paranormal locations, shooting pictures of my surroundings and everyday life, and yelling at my tv at choking sports teams.
If you find yourself at all interested in my ventures, feel free to check them out. You can find my music on all platforms (Spotify/Apple/etc.) under the name inheritance. If you want to check out some of my ITC session, stop by my YouTube channel here: or just follow me on Instagram @cristoforo_son_of_ol . For all things Malliard, head over to where you can catch past shows, merch, the newsletter, and the weekly live chat every Tuesday at 9 PM EST. Make sure to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app.