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Chris Sutton


The word “shaman” often evokes images of Aztec warriors or mystics that live in a forest from a bygone era, but the thought of modern shaman is unfortunately often overlooked. The thought of “spiritual experts” is often lumped into television charlatans that have as much insight as a magic 8 ball, but in reality, there is a group of true spiritual seekers that are seeking to create a better place for all those that are willing to take the journey. This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes a guest that just so happens to be an actual shaman.

This week, Jim welcomes back to the show Chris “Coyote” Sutton. Chris’ “…spiritual journey began over 27 years ago with a surprise calling to become a shaman and from those strong roots came the opportunities to do psychic work, paranormal investigations, healings and, most importantly, help others find the gift that everyone has bestowed upon them by Spirit/God and help them develop it. Chris is a member of the Red Cedar Circle of SW Illinois that follows the Si-Si Wiss medicine tradition of the Pacific Northwest Coast, as shared to us by Johnny Moses (Nootka/Tulalip) who has been a good friend and teacher. Over the years he has also received teachings in the Lakota and other traditions.”

Chris is a fantastic guest and to hear his journey through the spiritual adventure that he’s been on is truly fascinating. You can find Chris’ book on all major online retailers or through his website where you can also book sessions, purchase merch and learn more about him For Malliard Merch and more head over to where you can score your own, or catch up on past shows. Remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcast app.