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Chris Walden – Paranormal Entertainer

Listen>Guest: Chris Walden

What a very interesting show we have for you today on this weeks Malliard Report. Once more Jim Malliard, our host, loves to prove to all of us fans why his show is the “Fastest Hour In Paranormal Talk Radio” and this time it’s no different than before. Who better to have us join this week than Paranormal Entertainer Chris Walden as he sits down and talks to Jim about a myriad of different topics.

In fact, the show itself starts off a little on the silly end where our guest accidentally hit the mute button on his Microphone, but don’t worry. He quickly corrects himself and Chris Walden and the interview is back on track. The conversation starting off with explaining some information about not only the Museum of the Weird, but also Chris Walden’s other project he had ran, called the Shadow Hour. Of course Chris Walden fills us in, explaining how it was to run it all and feelings in regards to all of the myriad projects that he had run over the years. An excellent inside look to what it is exactly Chris Walden does, and how he is as a Paranormal Entertainer.

In fact, that sort of discussion predominates the first half of the show, with it mostly being a discussion with Jim taking audience questions and asking our guest on a lot of different topics and all. But eventually the conversation moves on from the questions and onto the concept of “What is Magic”. Chris Walden of course explains that there is a vast difference between stage magic, the sort of illusions that we tend to see, and “Magick” (the sort with a k at the end) and how it’s tied to human perception, and powered by human spirituality. In fact, Chris Walden makes such a compelling speech throughout this section of the show that it deserves another summary in and of itself, and all fans of the Malliard Report are welcomed to come and listen to the conversation in full through the pod cast below. All fans, as the intro to the show typically states, are welcomed to make their own opinions, and this is one subject everyone fan would enjoy.

But the most poignant moment of the show perhaps comes at the last 20 minutes of the show where both Jim Malliard and Chris Walden sit down and discuss their feelings about the last year, and how both of them have been working so very hard and putting in work to their goals, and how for both of them it’s paid off in a big way. Both of whom are looking forward to the next year. In fact, the last conversation on hand revolve around Jim Malliard himself, and Chris Walden’s feelings regarding the show. Seeing similarities between him, and the things he’s done. In fact, he expects great things from Jim in the future, knowing that if he sticks with the show he’ll go far. Needless to say, fans of the Malliard Report couldn’t agree more!

Like all good things though, the Malliard Report does come to an end, once more showing that it is indeed the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio. But as usual, and as Jim likes to remind us all, stay quacking, and we’ll see everyone once more at the next show. Whether we’re listening together live, or through the podcast.