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Christian Espinosa

It seems that every week another headline dominates the news cycle about another wave of cyberattacks or a vulnerability breach that exposes mass amounts of personal information. Hackers are constantly swiping passwords and various personal information from social media sites (think those silly
“questionnaires” that get reposted asking about your first kiss and car are simply there for the giggles?)
tap into cloud infrastructures, and comb through corporate information. Cybersecurity is critical to both
individuals and corporations. So much is at stake when a person or company is hacked. Personal
information, industry trade secrets, and so much more. The field of cybersecurity is ever-changing and
constantly growing, and this week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes a guest that has become an
expert in the perpetually evolving field. In addition to becoming a pioneer in the cyber penetration field,
Christian Espinosa is a leadership development and motivational expert, as well as Ironman participant,
ultra-marathoner, skydiver, and scuba diver.
Christian Espinosa is Alpine Security’s CEO/Founder. He holds over 25 certifications, including the CISSP,
CCISO, and PMP. Christian is a US Air Force veteran with a BS in Engineering from the US Air Force
Academy and MBA from Webster University. Christian holds multiple patents on cybersecurity attack
and defense. Major recent projects include penetration testing and assessments of commercial aircraft,
medical device penetration testing, and numerous incident response projects. When Christian isn’t
protecting us from cybercriminals, he climbs mountains, travels the world, teaches outdoor wilderness
survival, and competes in Ironman triathlons.”
This episode truly highlights the notion that the field of cyber security is even more complicated than
what you would imagine, but simple measures can be put in place to keep you safe. For all information
regarding Christian, head over to where you can purchase his books, inquire
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