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Christopher Duane

The Malliard Report

Guest-Ryan McCormick

Guest-Christopher Duane

On Ryan McCormick:
– You think you had a hard day at the office, see what a day’s work is for top PR Rep Ryan McCormick.
(referring to 215 interviews in 24 hours)-Who’s on Ryan’s list of who he would like to work with?
(referring to C.Sheen)-Listen in as this Master of PR turns the interview around and asks Jim the questions.-Marketing PR advice for The Malliard Report
On Chris Duane:
-Was the U.S. Dollar on verge of collapse in October of 2008?-Central Banks and Their Owners. Who are they?-Are your best assets in paper money? Is Gold and Silver our future?-Developing skills to produce true wealth.-Are we living in a world of Social Media friendships and not “real” friendships?-Humanity will come out stronger and better in the end.