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Cj Moschetto

“Must say the wait was worth it! I had a blast talking with Jim on the Malliard Report tonight! #parahustle #endparabullshit”

Cj Moschetto

Show Notes for June 5, 2012

1:22 Welcome to Cj Moschetto

2:15 E.N.E.M.I. means?

4:18 April 19th?

11:02 facebook the Stock(going public) going to help or hurt ?

11:45 3 Minute Haunting

17:35 Paranormal Teams reviewing the evidence

19:30 it isnt a reality tv show?

29:30 it isnt always about the investigation

37:07 any 3 investigators.. ?

44:40 Ghost girl app

49:50 Blacklisted from Paranormal Groups on Facebook

52:52 Spiritual Protection?

55:50 God or a demons voice?