Coast to Coast AM on Live Cable TV soon?

Jim Malliard: The difference– because I read somewhere – I want to say Talkers, but don’t quote me – that they asked you to put cameras in the studio when you’re doing Coast, but you chose not to. So, you’re obviously not afraid of the camera but– what’s the difference?

George Noory: I’m not afraid of the cameras, but let me tell you, Coast to Coast at night, is a mystery. People are driving in their cars, they’re at home in their bed, they’re sitting outside – it’s late night talk radio. And I think one of the reasons why Art never put a camera in their too, was because it kills the image. People are listening, their minds are wandering, they’re imagining what you’re talking about, and the guest you’re talking about. If we put a camera in the studio Jim, you’d see me sitting there in front of a microphone and that would be– there’s really nothing too exciting about that. It’s definitely not what Howard Stern does. I mean, he has a lot of action when he does his stuff. This would not be. So, I elected, and we turned it down was one of them, wanted to do it, and we would’ve made some pretty good money doing that, but I said “No, it’s going to– it’ll kill the mystery of the show. I’m not going to do that.” I am putting a camera in to do a little pre-show for our Coast insiders, which is just going to be a little chit-chat with me before the program starts, but it’s not going to be on when I’m on the air.

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