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Colin Hall

1:117 Welcome To Colin Hall

Do you like conspiracy theories? Talk of extraterrestrial sightings?
The November 19, Malliard Report has you covered! On this week’s
edition of the Malliard Report, your host, Jim Malliard, and Colin
Hall, author of Fact or Fiction? The Paris & M6 Crashes, discuss the
mysterious incidents that occurred on the M6 and in Paris. In addition,
listen to learn whether or not you can be expecting a book from Jim

Do you believe? Share your thoughts on Colin Hall’s book, as well as
the incidents with Jim and Colin on Twitter at @italkparanormal &
@ColinZHall. Don’t forget to check out Colin’s book, which can be
ordered at

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The Malliard Report
November 19, 2013
Colin Hall

UFO connected to plane crash in London?
And another near Paris?
Is this all a major Hoax?
Was John Kennedy shot by the secret service?
is the Moon Landing the biggest conspiracy?

Bonus what would I write my book about?

The Malliard Report