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Conspiracy Theories 09222015

This weeks show of the Malliard Report is a special one for long time fans and newer listeners alike. In fact, it breaks away from traditional formula to try out something new, and as anyone can attest, it was a pretty good showing all around, and proves once more why Jim Malliard’s show is the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio.

What makes this weeks showing different from the norm is the fact that Jim didn’t have a guest to speak with. Apparently whoever was scheduled to come this week was running a little bit late, and Jim had to wait for him. However, that’s alright! Instead, we got to spend our entire hour talking with Jim as he fielded questions from all of his fans as they talked with him through the chat room. Perhaps some other time our guest that was to be on can reschedule, but this week was mostly a discussion between a myriad of different conspiracy theories, as well as the show itself. In fact, this just goes to show any newcomers to the Malliard Report that during the live broadcast, our host Jim does listen to you and engages everyone to the best of his ability.

And what a best we got. Starting off, Jim decides to lead us on a discussion talking about a wide range of topics, and what better place to start was Area 51. Mostly the topics regarding the government base covered the usual tropes behind it that any conspiracy theorist already knows, but it also lead to interesting talk about how the government plans to expand the compound area. Of course, this all tied in well with Fort Knox, and the various conspiracies that surround that military installation. Most of which centered around whether or not there’s even any gold in there at now, and what would have happened to the gold if it isn’t there.

Of course, what paranormal show that also includes topics about aliens be complete without aliens and extraterrestrial life? As Jim engaged his audience, the topic of Mars and life out there came up in the self interview, and our host of course had to talk about that and the rovers on Mars and whether or not they’ve even picked up anything on the red planet. From there, naturally the show moved onto the space landing and whether or not it was faked.

In fact everything on the show this week was all centered around our host playing the guest while the fans in the chat room during the taping, turning it instead about Jim Malliard and his views, and that alone made it extra special, as a lot of times it’s all about Jim talking to the long list of guests he’s had and letting them talk about themselves. So it was an interesting week just having a chance to connect with our host and get to know him as a person as he talked about not only his show and where he intended to take the website, but also about things such as Space Landings, Nazi’s, The Second Coming, Men in Black, and where he wants to go from here. In fact, Jim ended  talking so much that he developed a bit of a cough halfway through the show, but kept it going, even talking all the way up to the ending of the show itself.

All in all, this isn’t a week to miss, but as usual after it’s done, keep quacking and we’ll see you all next week.