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Corona Virus


There is no getting around it. It dominates every news outlet and resource, you can’t scroll through a social media post without seeing it, and more than likely you too are stuck within the confines of your own home. Covid-19, Wuhan Flu, Corona Virus (I caught Corona Virus numerous times in college. But in my day, we just called it a cheap beer hangover!) whatever you happen to call it, there is no getting around it. Social distancing, statewide lockdowns, toilet paper hoarding; to say that we are living in historical time is certainly an understatement. How we look back upon this during future times will certainly interesting. Will we look back and laugh at the ridiculousness of people and their panicky ways, or will we reminisce fondly as we tell stories of the old ways around the fire within our marauder camps.

This week Jim opens up the phones to get opinions from the listening audience and hears from some of the heaviest hitters from past shows. They cover everything from the future of the markets, ways that you can make your own resources, the futures of Tom Brady and other big NFL shakeups that may happen in the extended offseason, and much more. Open phones are always an interesting experience, and this time is certainly no different. But before you jump in, remember this are the opinions of the host and guest and by no means reflect any official narrative. Take everything, and when we say everything, we mean everything; news, podcasts, internet information with a grain of salt.

Do your best to stay positive out there during this odd time in our history. Take a break from the news, look on the bright side of the situation, and try and do something good for someone each day. We’ll see this through…or we’ll break out the rugged vehicles and pillage the competing raider tribe just over the hills. Make sure to head over to for all the latest information and to subscribe to the newsletter. Rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app and reach out via @malliard through all social media platforms.