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Drama, acrobatics, violence, and group of individuals so shredded that even the most dedicated of gym rats would be subjected to a twinge of envy. If you are old enough to remember the late 90s and early 00s it is guaranteed you spent at least one Saturday night tuned into TNN. Even those that were not into wrestling knew of the major players. Wrestling was everywhere. Toys, television, videogames, you name it. This week on The Malliard Report calls out for a challenge…sorry…welcomes… a guest that was a part of that wave (and still active today). This week in the ring we have Christopher (Crowbar) Ford to discuss how he got into the sport, what it takes to come up in the field, and what he’s doing today.

Christopher Ford is an American professional wrestler, best known for his tenure in World Championship Wrestling as the pipe wielding madman “Crowbar”, where he was a one-time Hardcore Champion, a one-time World Tag Team Champion with David Flair and a one-time Cruiserweight Champion, which he held jointly with Daffney. He is also known for his stints in the World Wrestling Federation, Extreme Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He currently performs on the independent circuit either as Crowbar or Devon Storm. He is one of the few wrestlers to have wrestled matches in WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, and ROH. Additionally, Ford graduated from Kean University with a degree in physical therapy which he continues to practice at his own health care facility in New Jersey. (If you’ve ever been through physical therapy, it is a lot like being beat up by a wrestler!)

This is a great showdown…sorry…show and it really provides a look into what it takes to make it in the wrestling field. Jim and Christopher also discuss the future of Wrestling, his workout routines, and much more. Christopher can be found on social media @wcwcrowbar. For all your Malliard needs, head over to, connect with Jim on social media @malliard, and make sure to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcast app.