Curveball Night

Curveball Night


Show Notes for June 19, 2012

Joann H. Buchanan

3:06 Welcome to Joann H. Buchanan

3:25I am Wolf – Book

Tell me about Totes and Notes 

Kimberly Rackley

Website Book Paranormal Illuminations’ I discuss my theories, psychic mediums and sensitives in the paranormal field and how to develop your abilites specifically for investigations, psychic protocol to follow on investigations and share my paranormal experiences. RELEASE DATE SEPTEMBER 1ST My paranormal team is Nightside paranormal

13:07 Welcome to Kimberly Rackley

15:45 Jim admits to being bad in meetings and drawing

16:35 Chat Circle as opposed to a square

21:25 writing horoscopes

22:30 astrological signs

24:00Jim’s use of T9 (texting) to get words

24:55 Knowledge is Evil (must listen to understand)

Fran Myers-Morris

37:04 Welcome to Fran Myers-Morris

37:10 The bridge disappeared story

40:44 Whats like to deal with Jim

3:18 3:18


Jonathan Vanover

Welcome to Jonathan Vanover

Paranormal Unity

48:20 The Malliard Report on Christmas?

52:50 Orbs