Curveball Night

ListenThe Malliard Report – Paranormal Curveball Night 07152014

Tonight listen in as Jim Malliard takes on a paranormal curveball show featuring 4 guests back to back!

Mike Smith from Saints Paranormal of West Virginia

Mike is a former member of Jim’s paranormal team.
Mike is a medium and realized that there is a darkness to his side of West Virginia.
Saints Paranormal investigates all areas of the paranormal from Ghosts to UFOs and also does cleansings.
He’s writing a biography about growing up with a the gift of being a medium.

TY West of Para West Research Team

Ty is trying to put together a strong team at the moment.
Recently focusing on Ufology.
Has being a father changed any of Ty’s outlooks?
Hosts the show “Odd Reality Radio’ on Stitcher and iTunes.
How would be Ty’s ideal guest?
In Ty’s opinion what is the biggest problem within the paranormal field?

Anna Hill of Angels of Light Paranormal Society and Angels of Light Paranormal Radio

Host of Angels of Light Paranormal Radio.
Jim will be a guest on Angels of Light Paranormal Radio in August.
Anna talks about the best parts of having a show.
Who is Anna’s ideal guest to have on her show?
Angels of Light Paranormal Paranormal Society does a lot of house call paranormal cases.
Anna speaks about para-celebrities

Jim’s Final Thought: Ryan Buell apologizes for scamming fans and uses health problems as an excuse, will everyone get their money back? Above all Ryan is a businessman and should have handled it differently.

What are your thoughts about this?The goal of the Malliard Report isn’t about listeners, it’s about forming a community.