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Cynthia Basinet


Baby it’s cold outside…wait…is that okay to say anymore? Regardless, winter has set in for most us, the holiday season has come way too quickly, and Christmas songs invade the air waves of radio stations and department store background music tracks alike. This week’s guest on The Malliard Report is no stranger to this marshmallow world, nor to the report itself. This week Jim welcomes back the lovely and very talented Cynthia Basinet to discuss abuse from large tech entities, the loss of intellectual property rights, thunder shirts, and so much more.
Originally from the San Fernando Valley, Cynthia was raised on Ela, Coltrane, and many other jazz legends. This early introduction to music soon blossomed into a love for creating her own. Starting out as a woodwind player through her younger schooling years, Cynthia quickly discovered that her true love was for singing, specifically the art of crooning.
Prior to the launch of her first full length album The Collection in 2006, Cynthia released a handful of singles that gained her notoriety as a vocalist including the classic Santa Baby in 1997. In addition to her musical career, Cynthia was busy working as both a model and actress. Cynthia was one of the go to models for Bob Mackie (the fashion designer, not the infamous haunted night club proprietor) and I.Magnin. Cynthia’s filmography includes roles on television series The Bold and the Beautiful and Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction as well as appearing in films such as The Big Tease and Blue Gold: American Jeans.
Outside of singing, one of Cynthia’s biggest passions is that of humanitarian work and philanthropy, most notably for the Sahrawi refugees that are living in the Western Sahara. In 2001 Cynthia met with the United Nations Fourth Committee (known as the Special Political and Decolonization Committee) where she stated that “…Saharans lived bravely and were attacked and died in violence at the hands of Moroccan policies and perpetrated by their army.” Cynthia also stated in the same committee meeting that “As a single mother, I understand only too well what lack of security can do in undermining what the Saharawi believe in and wish for as a society. Their ability to withstand all for 30 years in the pursuit of self-determination is truly a role model for us all, as we enter the new millennium. For they had displayed faith, honour, compassion and resourcefulness in the face of such opposition.”
Any time with Cynthia quickly and clearly reveals that she is incredibly passionate about what she does. She is a great guest and keeps things engaging. You can keep up with Cynthia through her website or through her Twitter @cynthiabasinet. To keep up with all things Malliard head over to for past shows, links, bio, guest requests, and so much more. You can also connect with Jim via Twitter @Malliard. Don’t forget to hear over to our sponsor and use promo code Malliard!