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Dan Shaw

This week, Jim features a guest that has spent his entire life researching such energies and vortexes, and the ability to channel such energies for the betterment of the individual. Returning to share his experiences with the vortexes, an incredible trip to Alaska, and much more is Dan Shaw has experienced the reverse; teachers have come to Dan Shaw Transcription

Take a moment to think about the last time you were in an area that you felt connected with. Where was that? Watching the gentle rolling green landscape on a back road somewhere in the Smoky mountains.? Reaching that breathtaking summit along a trail deep in the Colorado Rockies? Watching vibrant pinks, yellows, and oranges light up the early morning sky somewhere in the southwest, or that exhibiting rush of diving into the cool Pacific off the west coast. It is said that the Earth is vibrating, giving off an energy that we are able to feel and tap into at a higher level. It is said that this energy is the cause of the feeling of wonder and excitement that we get when we visit certain places. It is said that this is the reason some ancients chose the locations that they did for their sacred sites.

At age 7, Dan began doing gazing meditations and having psychic experiences. At 14, Dan was watching the dark night sky when a UFO flashed its lights from quite nearby — below the horizon. Then, in 1985 (at 21 years old), a midnight visit from an enchanting stranger eventually led Dan from the San Francisco area to Austin, Texas, where he began studying Alchemy. In 1992, due to a series of Divine interventions, Dan Shaw began to specialize in geomancy, a branch of Alchemy focusing on the subtle energies of the Earth. Dan travels extensively in the US and abroad, researching sacred places with local vortex experts, and he corresponds with researchers all over the world.

It is fantastic to have Dan back to the show, his zeal for sharing this information with the world and willingness to help others to try and tap into this is certainly contagious. Dan welcomes everyone to reach out to him to share their experiences, requests for help in tuning into the energy, for more information on how to find these vortexes and even is willing to share a copy of his eBook. Head over to to find links to all of his social media, interviews on the History Channel, and his email and contact information. His other website has detailed information highlighting where the major vortexes are located throughout the world, and also has links to purchase his books. It is recommended that you reach out to Dan, even if to just say you enjoyed the interview. For all things Malliard, head over to to catch up on past shows, sign up for the newsletter and so much more. Make sure to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app. Also, what is your experience with one of these places? Share with the Malliard Report @malliard through all social media outlets.

Jim Malliard 0:02
Want to welcome everybody to the Malliard Report this evening. Before I begin a few things you got to remember, the views and opinions of the show are those of its hosts and guests and do not reflect any network simulcasting sponsors, affiliates, anybody else. It’s just opinions calm down. I know. I know you might be offended, but it’s okay. They’ll take it out on anybody else. If you haven’t been to, come over, subscribe to the newsletter or subscribe to your favorite podcast app. If you don’t have a favorite podcast app, I’ve got a wide range of options there. You can even subscribe via email if you don’t want to even get involved in the app game, which is what I’m doing now. I’m subscribing the podcast via email just because makes my life easier.
Less apps. But anyways, my guest tonight returning the return. I kind of tag that as the return today. And some people thought I was returning. I’ve been back for a couple weeks. My guest today is Dan Shaw. Dan, how are you doing tonight?

Dan Shaw 1:04
I’m really happy to be back on your show. Thank you.

Jim Malliard 1:08
So, last last we left you, you were you were going to Alaska.
Now, now you’re back. So how was Alaska?

Dan Shaw 1:19
Well, I had a lovely time there. My intention was to go there to experience the subtle energies of the earth and the legendary so-called Alaska triangle or Alaska vortex. And I think I did touch into some, some of that energy for sure. For sure.

Jim Malliard 1:42
Is it-

Dan Shaw 1:43
and the metal up.

Jim Malliard 1:45
as I say is stronger than ever because of
because I was picturing that map that you have on your website on your head, in my head. I was almost classical. Mallard isn’t for you. Watch out they’re coming.
There’s a, not really a corner, but for the lack of a better explanation for radio talk, it kind of is a corner. Is that because Is that why you went there because of that site?

Dan Shaw 2:09
Well, my research tells me that there are vortexes all over the world at different scales, let’s say, so there’s a, there’s a pattern of grid points around the world. And then wherever you are, there’s there’s worldwide called grid points or vortexes or ley lines, energy points everywhere, where you are. Well, I’m in Southern Oregon and the nearest world grid points to me are, well, there’s one in Baja California at a place called Cerro Cubabi, if I’m saying that right. And there’s one grid point which is essentially at the continental shelf, there in the Gulf of Alaska. So it’s offshore. Yep. It’s on the Continental shelf. And so I can’t say I’ve ever really been to a world grid point before. A couple months ago, I got invited to go to some events in Alaska and I didn’t want it to go because I had been asked by the History Channel to suggest that there was in fact a vortex in Alaska, which I believe there is because my emphasis on electromagnetism G, physics and the profound attic landscape in Alaska, this geometric grid point there as well. So I had a chance to, to, to be very near this, this grid points in Alaska, this world grid point and I experienced the energy very, very directly. I was actually I got an electric shock. I was- If I may go on I was-

Jim Malliard 4:02
Yeah, go go. I’m enjoy- I’m listening. Yeah, I asked the question. Go for it.

Dan Shaw 4:05
yet. Yep. Well, we was visiting the area near Anchorage, which is an arm of water called the Turnagain Arm. And the glaciers have essentially scraped down to bedrock. And I was at a point on this body of water, where I really felt that the energy of this world grid point does come up this body of water. And I was with some friends kind of dancing around playing around on the rocks and striking some poses. And then one person said, Oh, let me get a picture. So we’re kind of playing around decided to hold hands to do what the three of us- what I call- what is called a Humandala, a human Mandala, the three of us we’re going to form a triangle. When I went to hold hands with my friend, I got an electric shock from from him and I attribute it to to the also to the place which the rocks, the bedrock we were on. Were also

Dan Shaw 5:19
strong striped through with this quartz crystal and some other types of crystal in the area which have electrical properties. So that’s was one of the high points of visiting that I think of as the the vortexes of Alaska. Thanks for asking.

Jim Malliard 5:36
So the people that went with you that they have a, I’m sure you kind of told them what you were up to. So I guess they weren’t totally unbiased, but how did they?
You know what I’m saying? I guess I’m just trying- I’m just imagining

Dan Shaw 5:49
Well that’s only part one of the story.

Jim Malliard 5:50
I was gonna say I’m just imagining, my buddy Dan calls me up and says he wants to go to this place in Alaska. And since I live in Alaska, I’m like, Sure, let’s go. And then he starts to explain to me why he wants to go and…

Dan Shaw 6:04
yes, yes, absolutely, folks kind of they would they knew I was coming to do vortex events and to for them to take me to their favorite spots so so my friend Jimmy and his wife took me to to this spot along Turnagain Arm and it was an exquisite it was an exquisite spot. And we did have I had that experience of actually getting an electrical shock. But well Jimmy, Jimmy was going to, he’s going to bring his didgeridoo and and I told him I think that I told him my words were didgeridoo is not my favorite. I said flute is my favorite. And so he brought his flute so he was playing his flute I actually laid down on the on the rocks there on a point on The Turnagain Arm there, where the beluga whales come through. And as I was laying there on the rock, I was just so glad to, I felt so much joy to be there. I’ve long wanted to come to Alaska, been researching it, and so I was there so I cried with joy.

Dan Shaw 7:23
and had a wonderful time there at home that night. Now, I’ve had some chronic tension in my face. And so I have a routine at night where I’m doing some stretching, relaxing of my face. And I realized that- that chronic tension that I’ve had in my face is gone. And though some months ago, hasn’t returned, so I had a very much a healing from that, that earth energy there.

Jim Malliard 8:02
Yeah, I believe the earth has an energy. And I’ve often joked that the earth will kill us before we kill it.

I know that’s bad.

Dan Shaw 8:14
I take a very literal approach to when I say Earth energies. I’ve got a degree in geography so I could better understand explain what we’re talking about, about energies. And so I say geophysical and I do-Speak in the vernacular and interchangeably use Earth energies for techs energies and geophysical energies. And so very much looking at electromagnetic energies in the earth, but also consciousness as not separate from the whole vortex effect. It’s our consciousness and our relationship to place now. It affects us and we affect it. And so I was very grateful to have been able to visit Alaska make some new friends. They took me around to some of their places- favorite places, super energetic there’s so much variation in the landscape over such a short distance and my research into the- when I say geophysical energies, electromagnetism, part of that has to do with if magma and lava volcanoes, I mean, how in the magma hardens into lava, it takes on a certain electromagnetic signature according to the electromagnetic field at the time and place. So that if you have a volcano that’s been erupting over a long period of time, you can actually study the magnetic field of the Earth in past times by studying the pattern of the iron in the Lava as it-as it hardens at a certain time. Paleo magnetic signature, it’s called. So in Alaska, you’ve got a lot of that going on, a lot of changes in topography. A lot of crystal in the Chugach Range there. They actually see lights along the Chugach range that are like the brown mountain lights. Some of your listeners may well have heard of that phenomenon. So what-as I was driving across anchorage

Dan Shaw 10:35
I had an experience I’d like to share.

Jim Malliard 10:38
Yeah, yeah, you were telling me about that. Yeah, this was yesterday he told me about this and it was well,
well, just for the record, it was 26 hours ago or so you told me about this. And I stayed up an extra probably 45-sounds- it sounds cheesy right? An extra 45 minutes thinking about this but when you go to bed at like one o’clock anyways, those extra 45 minutes mean something. Because when you have to be up at six, I mean, you know you’re really shrinking the window.

You know that sleep matters

Dan Shaw 11:10
I know what you mean.

Dan Shaw 11:13
I’m sorry if you lost sleep over this part of my experience.

Jim Malliard 11:17
No, that’s just preferencing by saying turn-turn this part up, I’m gonna drop back and let him tell the story just like he told me yesterday with my jaw still slacked.

Dan Shaw 11:27
Okay, well, you asked me to just share this online here so I was traveling across Anchorage. And I have I’m sensitive to these, these electromagnetic energies, I actually get often will get a tingling in my face or my third eye in presence of these vortexes, these places, these changes of energy. And I had that experience as I was just casually driving across Anchorage. The city of Anchorage had a tingling. And I was I was wary of it as I wonder what’s going on in the landscape. It’s creating that. Looked in my rearview mirror. And I could see that I just driven over just a little rise in the road. Didn’t notice it as I was driving over it. As you might if you were like on a bicycle. Yeah. But I actually I sensed something, a tingling in my face. And I thought what was that I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that there was some little rise in the road and an otherwise relatively level landscape. Anchorage is a lot of sediment. There’s the Chugach range, very dramatic mountain range and then city of Anchorage relatively level. So this little rise in the road must have been some kind of feature that essentially had been paved over that I believe I was able to feel. And let me bring that home to your readers. For your listeners, if I may.

Jim Malliard 13:02

Dan Shaw 13:03
And that I’m sure many of your listeners are sensitive to various kinds of energies, whether they’re Reiki healing energies, or Qigong energies or crystal energies. And to my mind, this is exactly the same thing that we’re talking about. That the subtle energies include an energy of the Earth itself electrical currents in the atmosphere, electrical currents across the surface of the Earth and in the earth, to start, so I want to invite you and your listeners to kind of think more broadly about how they’re impacted by what I call vortexes, which are really places that have a distinctive or strong energy to them. And I know you’ve got stories you could share.

Jim Malliard 13:58
Well is this-you’re thinking about back to my paranormal investigation days and we were always trying to figure out the geology is where we were because the urban legend, now you might be able to help confirm this or debunk this, is that we if we were somewhere near limestone because limestone could actually- conducts energy that our investigation was gonna be more active being at those places that compared to other places.

Dan Shaw 14:26
There’s a number of different kinds of limestone of course and some of it would have more iron in it than others. And you would have I think, a lot of perhaps voids and underneath the surface. Because what we’re talking about is our experience at the surface and then the unseen, right? But that the unseen the paranormal, the unseen actually includes what’s below the surface of the earth so for our home, our place of work, our haunting is above some subsurface feature or a mineral deposit of some kind or an old river, meander that’s been filled in or a void thats going to affect the energy on the surface. And so not only limestone, but other materials, energetic materials and other materials that have electrical properties to them or combinations of materials. So what I’d like-

Jim Malliard 15:36
I was to say it always fascinated me to think about we’re, you know, trying to figure these things out, you know?

Dan Shaw 15:41
Well, I thought, yeah, I really listened to our last interview and I thought it would be eight a week. Okay, we touched on a lot of very-topics of tremendous interest to me and hopefully, your listeners, having to do with natural and also man made vortexes, visionary math, some different kinds. You mentioned Oak Island looked to you as like a waterfowl?

Jim Malliard 16:09
Like a duck, yes. Yeah.

Dan Shaw 16:11
Yeah. And we talked about the-the power of myth, the jist of candle scents. We touched on a lot of topics, but it was rather- it was rather abstract. And I thought it would be fun perhaps to spend a little bit of time like actually on the ground talking about if you were to make a trip to a vortex near you what that might look like if you cared to play along. I don’t-

Jim Malliard 16:34
Yeah, no, I do. I actually, I actually got a question from one of my chatters. And then that’ll push us into your topic because their question was, “Are there are there maps like state-by-state of where these vortexes are?”

Dan Shaw 16:47
Yeah, exactly right. So rather than talk about ideas about energetic spots, if we could talk about what’s actually on the ground, then yes, there are maps. We have maps on a-on a global level of the geometries at the global level and then there are many different people who are drawing these visionary maps. Now my particular interest is in geometric maps because very often we find geometries equal lateral triangles, other kinds of triangles, the so-called 3:4:5 triangle for one. Stars, five and six-point stars, we find geometries of sacred places and-and so I’m interested in its pattern and shape and what part that place in the subtle energies, but there’s other kinds of visionary maths as well. And at a-I’m working on various regional vortex maps books, so I have a France vortex maps and I have some material for a California vortex maps and we’ve gotten lovely maps of Oregon. I’ve got maps available on a state-by-state- there’s a Facebook group, in fact, for a software program that’s available using Google Earth, You can-you can get sets of points, these geometric points and such, and use Google Earth to see them for yourself and then-many different researchers produce various kinds of vortex maps. At smaller scales, this is I guess, a long answer. And then you can see for yourself on various kinds of maps-

Jim Malliard 18:31
Well, no-

Dan Shaw 18:32
-Logic. Yes?

Jim Malliard 18:33
it’s the important answer. It’s the important answer to ask the next question, because Okay, so we got we got our map, we got-we picked-X marks the spot, right?

Dan Shaw 18:41

Jim Malliard 18:42
Now-Now we head down the road and get the X marks the spot and what are we to experience them?

Dan Shaw 18:50
Right, well, don’t-don’t just jump off willy-nilly because there’s some preparation to be done for sure. Part of that is doing your homework. These spots are everywhere and so having that-having that geologic map and knowing what’s in the subsurface there that’s always informative, and having a topographic map where you can actually see the high points and valleys, that’s going to be informative also. Foreign mineral deposits or mines, perhaps significant cultural sites, that kind of thing. So if you’re going on a pilgrimage, you have an intention. Maybe it’s not a vision quests, maybe it’s not at that level, but you’re going with some intention that you’re going as a pilgrim, one would hope to connect with the energies of the place. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but, but it’s nice before you go, you might might be going to a place that takes some preparation you’ve saved up for it. You’ve dreamed about going. Now you’ve got to-you’re gonna pack you’re gonna take some things with you and leave some things behind and that’s an important part of the pilgrimage.

Jim Malliard 19:52
No, I agree. Actually, I’ve been kind of planning this day pilgrimage to a place I’ve been before. Well, if-you’ll find this fascinating. Let’s see, eight years ago, 10 years ago, somewhere in that window, I got a call from one of my paranormal team members that said, “Hey, my dad knows where this site is where a bridge literally just disappeared. Like he drove over like a week before that and was going back up to the place. And he looked out the window and the bridge was gone. Like they didn’t deconstruct it. Like the bridge just disappeared. Well, it kind of disappeared into the creek, but you know, and now it’s gone, like it’s totally gone.” So I’m like, Oh, yeah, we gotta go see this. So, of course, it probably took us weeks to get up there to get the schedules worked out so he get up there. And let me tell you, got out of the car, and it just became one of the strangest places I’ve ever been. And you want to think, you know big deal, right? You’re at an intersection of a road by a bridge. No. It’s just the hair stood up in the back of my neck and it felt different. Both times I’ve been there it felt-it clearly felt different than anywhere else that I’ve been around there.

Dasn Shaw 21:13
Perfect description of a vortex. First of all the effect on you the hair stands up on your arms, back of the neck, whatever it is, that’s that’s common for people. Tingles, coolness, warmth, you know, these are these are common ways that people feel what I call the vortex effect. You know, different people experience it differently, but that’s the rubric I’ve chosen. Other people have other ways of looking at it, but I’m trying to like bring together all these disparate threads of-of paranormal research focusing on the place itself. So I had a-I-I tell people I’m obsessed with vortexes so this I’m always bringing the conversation back around to vortexes; and so one day I had a new friend bring, bring me a photograph. And, and she said, she said, you know, “What do you see in this photograph? Do you see? See?”-And I said, you know, “do you see a vortex in this photograph?” And I said, “You know, no, no, I don’t see it. What am I looking at?”. The photograph-It’s a photograph of a soda vending machine, Coca Cola vending machine, against a nondescript like industrial building. That’s it. I don’t see anything in the photograph. She says, “I took this photograph because I was driving across the country. And we passed this vending machine.” She said, “and you know, it looked like news out in the middle of nowhere, but we didn’t think anything of it. An hour later we passed the same vending machine.”, she told me. I have every reason to believe her because no motive to-to make up stories. These are things people don’t often-they don’t often reveal but they they feel safe revealing them to me so I have definitely have a confirmation bias in that sense. I’m liable to believe people’s paranormal stories so when you say a bridge disappeared, I’m just likely to believe you know it vanished. Hey, was made manifest and then vanished.

Jim Malliard 23:40
Let’s say, I’m looking-I’m scouring my Facebook trying to find these pictures so I can post them on Twitter for you, for well for everybody to see you but…

Dan Shaw 23:50
So people tell me about their experience on the ground at these places, I’m very much interested in. Is there some LOD? What’s the science behind the magic? Is there some something going on in the geophysics of the places there, water flowing underground? Is there some, you know, as I mentioned, foreign mineral deposits? And what can we see on the surface? Can we see plants growing in unusual ways? Can we see animals behaving strangely? So just to continue on our journey, say, you know, we’re going to leave behind maybe our, our social media, and somehow still bring a camera. Maybe we’re going to go through some kinds of abstinence.
Before we go on our pilgrimage, some people might give up, they might have do austerities in some way, give something up for length, so to speak, is worth preparing, maybe alcohol, sugar or some some other thing. They may take on some new thing before they go on a pilgrimage. And then, when you arrive at the place there’s going to be, there’s going to be a certain threshold, they should be alert for, which is essentially the threshold like an energy a doorway of sorts, when you first arrive at the place and and you would pause there and make to maybe take, take an extra moment there of reflection before you actually cross the threshold. And then you might say take off, before you cross the threshold, you might take off your shoes as people do, upon entering a sacred building or sacred place, make a greater electrical connection actually ground Earth. The actual electrical field to the earth.

Jim Malliard 25:50
Yeah, I agree. If I was going to say I agree if-I’m listening I’m agreeing because that’s-because you have to be in check and then in the right place, right from mind because it’s just like when you investigate you have to be… I don’t want to say one with the environment, but closer you can get to being one, the better your results, the better. Just even your enjoyment in nature just go back, you know, take it back that far. Anything we’ve said that would disqualify and make your enjoyment of being out hiking any different. Now, it may, you know, you just leave the phone unplugged, that’s all, that’s all good stuff.

Dan Shaw 26:32
Okay, you’re gonna want to make sure that you have good shoes, that you dress in layers. Often the weather can change from moment to moment at these energetic places, maybe going to the coast, a point, a peak, a cave, you know, you’ve got to dress appropriately for the occasion. And then is this place you’re going-now, you’re going to kind of an urban location when you describe like this where this bridge vanished?

Jim Malliard 27:04
Well, it’s kind of a rural, rural situation it’s it’s a couple miles from any town. I just found a couple pictures here for me to post.

Dan Shaw 27:15
So if you were looking at a, if you’re looking at a map, which you might notice is that this this river, this water like as I am imagining.

Jim Malliard 27:26
Yeah, so-so it’s a creek actually it’s, it’s actually supposedly it’s more a creek but…

Dan Shaw 27:32
So so you can you can take a look at the, at various maps and see if you can determine is there-what’s the, what’s the nature of how this river is moving? Is it moving like in a circle or half circle 54 miles in diameter? That’d be, that’d be amazing, but that happens. Is is, it may be eroding someplace where it’s carrying some gold and depositing some gold and placer deposits where the river slows down, the gold settles out. That’d be, contribute to kind of energetic neophysical energetic shift in the energy. So maybe an island in the river that’s gonna have some interesting energies depending on where you are. If you’re on the island, above it, below it, upstream, downstream, or confluence of-of rivers that’s going to have, you know, a pattern. Those places in different places in relationship to that confluence of reverse, those are going to have different energies. So you can you can tell a lot just by-by a map before you go. And then you’re looking for a place where you can really tap into those energies. You won’t always have bedrock that’s been scraped bare by glaciers. But you can always if there’s a waterway you can-can electrically connect by putting your hands or your feet, the crown of your head in the water. Splashing water on your face. There’s some fresh water that you can drink, that’s a great way. Eating-eating local wild edibles is a great way also to take in the energy of the place, even just breathing. visualizing breathing in the colors of the place are great things to do when you get there to connect to the energy of the place.

Jim Malliard 29:25
So I just got those up and then I got a question from Brian Bowden who just blew my-see, people go to quit blowing my mind. What do you-what do you think happened to that mountain rescuer who was training at a mountain in New York State and when he started skiing downhill he was caught up in a freak-freak weather event and ended up in California.

Dan Shaw 29:49
Had not heard that.

Jim Malliard 29:50
I have not either. I hope-I hope that’s a legitimate story. He’s not just busting my chops cause I don’t have time to vet it. That’s it. I mean, that’s if that’s true. That’s just, oh, here I am. Won’t be sleeping tonight if that comes out true.

Dan Shaw 30:06
If you haven’t had a direct experience of something, some paranormal thing, if you haven’t had it, like no story is going to convince, right? But if you-if this is the case for you listener, you haven’t had an experience like this. I’m going to suggest an experiment where you pretend that some, okay, you’ve had some paranormal experience. Okay, pick-pick anyone. But, if you will, as an experiment, share a paranormal story with-with a friend. I bet you got about an 80% chance that they’re going to share one right back. And while you would have been fibbing for the sake of science, you may find out that as soon as there’s an opening that people are very, very anxious to-to actually, to share these experiences which they’ve maybe held close for so long as I did. I had a experience with a UFO at age 14, and I did not tell anybody for 30 years. And so these these paranormal experiences, very widespread. I’m trying to kind of carve out this area about how these paranormal experiences relate to place. So I do that at I’ve written some books, and there’s my commercial page, I want to make sure I got in, invite your listeners to contact me. I will answer every email and I’ll send you a free ebook about vortexes as well.

Jim Malliard 31:43
I was gonna say we weren’t going to get out of here without promoting the websites. Don’t worry. That’s-

Dan Shaw 31:47
Oh, I nearly forgot.

Jim Malliard 31:49
That’s always on the list, man. Don’t worry. I got your back on that.

Dan Shaw 31:52
Thanks. I was halftime.

Jim Malliard 31:56

Dan Shaw 31:57

Jim Malliard 32:02
Guy’s got my work done for me too.
Now, I think it’s fascinating, especially your-your point about just telling your story because I think about, went to a local business and the business owner 100% ‘I don’t believe this’. But let me, I should call people in one. I’m pretty sure we talked to every employee that was working that day. They all had stories, and she knew them all, but didn’t believe it. Like she didn’t believe it was in her building. But she heard she knew all these stories and wanted the people to come tell us them. And it’s like, ‘but you still don’t believe?’ she’s like, ‘No, I haven’t had anything happen to me.’ And I’m like, ‘okay’, you know? Like, I’m sitting here, listening to a story after story of different you know, basically different things, different things, and she’s like, ‘nope, I believe that she’s telling me the truth, but I don’t-I’ve never had it so I don’t believe it.’ Like, okay, so what’s it gonna take to convince you that, you know? And she’s like ‘I don’t know. It’s gonna have to happen to me.’ I don’t think it ever happened to her.

Dan Shaw 33:07
Yeah. Yeah well we know it’s different. Souls have different life lessons, you know. I-I’m not going out searching-believe it or not, I’m not going out searching for psychic abilities or going out searching for the paranormal. It’s tapping the other day again somebody said oh, you know, I know this place I can take you where there’s this bad energy whereas I saw this crystal on a stump and this and that and that wanted to show me this place. And I said, You know, I just as soon avoid that place, very, very, you know, cautious. I consider myself protected. But, I’m also sensitive to these energies. So I’m very respectful of the energies and cautious about interfering or stepping in.

Jim Malliard 33:57
And for the record, I’m looking at a story from…Where’s that one from? The CBC Canada, about this firefighter Who…Yeah. Was-was doing something in New York and ended up in California.
Now I’m gonna have to see if I can track this guy down and get them on the show.

Dan Shaw 34:19
That’d be brilliant. I’d love to hear that because it’s these, it’s these sincere first hand accounts. And you know, the fellow who Bruce learned and he went through this time dilation, the Bermuda Triangle or, you know, your, your totally unknown friend, who’ve never shared anything. You know, when you hear it firsthand, I think, you know, it’s a fingerprint. We we’re all psychic in some degree. You can tell, I think, the sincerity in people’s voice, and you can assess whether they have motive. I’ve met a fellow who, did we mention, I don’t think we mentioned Dr. Matthew Johnson who had a Bigfoot encounter in Southern Oregon, and-

Jim Malliard 35:06

Dan Shaw 35:07
You know, okay. Dr. Matthew Johnson is, is just a very wonderful sincere fellow, had a, I think, psychology license and had a Bigfoot encounter with his family, Dr. Matthew A. Johnson. And you know, risked everything, risked his professional license to essentially come out and say ‘yes, I’ve had a Bigfoot encounter. Really sweet guy, and very, very believable. He was just happy to talk to anybody about it and I just wanted to meet him. So we sat down in a, some local diner in Southern Oregon to meet and
he had in France where he-what’d he say? He met a fellow who had built an electric device sort of an electromagnetic device. And this-this electromagnetic device, it was a Tesla device, apparently opened up a vortex allowing for these beings which you know, commonly known as Bigfoot, some other names as well. So, long story short, I was at the Montana vortex, a tourist attraction, where I was giving vortex tours. It’s owned by a Bigfoot researcher named Joe Hauser. So fella comes through, he’s the one who built the Tesla device, I apologize to him because his name escapes me at the moment. But just super gentle man who you could see was still coming to the grips with the experience that he had had with a Bigfoot and the impact that it would have with his significant other, his wife. And so you can see, and it’s to me of acute interest, when people have these experiences, they have a spiritual emergency so to speak. How that-how they integrate that with their-with their everyday life for some people it’s you know, kind of occasion a psychotic break really. Others you know, who share, share their stories are so paranormal, they, you know, they get diagnosed and institutionalized and medicated. Kind of a worst case scenario.

Jim Malliard 37:45
Yeah, I’m sitting here thinking, I’ve got a question. I don’t even know if you want to go anywhere near those. So if you don’t want to, don’t.

Dan Shaw 37:53
please, please ask.

Jim Malliard 37:57
I’ve come, I’ve come over the years to rationalize my-you know- Bigfoot being more of an interdimensional creature who, you know you can slip between these dimensions, because I kind of thought is the only way that he still exists in my mind. Because does the vortexes have any role in that? Like because we know there’s more energy there. So with that-

Dan Shaw 38:19
You know I’m gonna say yes.

Jim Malliard 38:22
Yeah. Okay, so I’m not totally sitting here crazy then? Okay, good.

Dan Shaw 38:28
No, not at all, not at all but I mean if there, you know there’s a schism in the Bigfoot community because some people, some bigfooters are like pure Bigfoot are purists. And they’re just irate that somebody could suggest that bigfoots an interdimensional creature, or has some association with UFOs or orbs. Yeah, but there’s those outcasts in the Bigfoot community as well. I think it’s, Matthew Johnson would agree, that he is one of those outcasts in the Bigfoot community because people’s credulity you know, and we kind of only can go so far, sometimes. But from my standpoint now as a vortex researcher researching the energy of place, there, I would say are definitely places which are essentially energetic spots and kind of interdimensional portal where all these cryptic creatures can come through whether they’re orbs or Bigfoot or UFOs or aliens or ever-elves or whatever people are seeing. Loch Ness, Nessie or whatever, whatever these cryptic creatures might be, so you’re not- I’m thinking of naming my next book: You’re not crazy. The paran-the paranormal is normal. Because that’s what I wish I’d been told as a child really, and people often find comfort in telling me their stories because I can tell them, you know, I hear these day in and day out.

Jim Malliard 39:54
So I’ve got to make a statement and then I’ll ask my next question, because it’s kind of related. We’ve got- you could help me get a map of Western pen- like my area so I could see the points. See, because I’m thinking of another story. I’m wondering if it’s on, you know, I’m saying, because I’m thinking about a time that I lost time. So I’m wondering because it was near water too.

Dan Shaw 40:14
Oh, yeah.

Jim Malliard 40:15
So I’m wondering, I’m just sitting here trying to, you know, I’m, I don’t want to say I’m doodling on this map. I’m trying to, you know, kind of X marks spots, different places. And, you know, I’m saying so I just wonder how your map and my map-

Dan Shaw 40:29

Jim Malliard 40:30
-overlap in, that’d be *boom noise*

Dan Shaw 40:32
Well I’m not a-I’m not the reductionist. I’m not trying to oversimplify here. I’m not saying it has everything to do with something we can scientifically analyze. It’s all about geophysical energies. There’s certainly I think, an element of consciousness and I’m, I’m very, very sincere, serious when I say there’s this infinite amount of energy available everywhere. You don’t have to go to some big fancy world grid spot. You don’t have to go to Uluru or wherever, right in your own backyard.

Jim Malliard 41:07
Well, I don’t think any of these are the fancy world spots. I’m just checking. It’d just be interesting to see how they relate even to minor spots.

Dan Shaw 41:17
Right? Well, I definitely would look at, you’d look at what the how the waters moving and the topography, what’s under the surface. Maybe there might be some geometries that you might discern actually. Triangles of points in-from the high points in the area, let’s say and I can prove I can provide those people do do request photos, and I can point them to this Google Earth program and Facebook group.

Jim Malliard 41:48
Yeah I’m just interested now.

Dan Shaw 41:50
Those maps for them.

Jim Malliard 41:52
I’m just interested now. Like I said, it’s just kind of as I’m sitting here doodling, I kind of see but it’s just a doodle, right? So I mean, I think I can line up anything I want on my paper.

Dan Shaw 42:05
Well, people are-people are familiar with the idea of ley lines, which are like straight line alignments of places. And often, if you map out, if you were to map out significant places in your lifetime, that might be very revealing. You might see patterns emerging in that. And we see what I’m talking about ley lines we’re talking about, it’s not just the currencies of sacred places, along lines, like razors, rifles, straight lines, but we’re also talking about the kind of like memory in the landscape where certain kinds of events tend to cluster recur. So if we were back on the ground, say, at this place where you had the hair stand up on your arm.

Jim Malliard 42:53
Uh huh.

Dan Shaw 42:54
Say just to kind of close that loop. So you you might look around and see where nearby, you can actually kind of really make that connection with the earth. Where are you going to like access the river? Where’s the spot that’s kind of relatively untouched or a spot that has a good view or where you’re going to kind of soak in the energy? Plan to spend some time there. And then you might have brought a gift or an offering for the place, as people do. And hopefully that would be something that would be like at home in that place like some fruit or nuts or something that might fit like wildlife might enjoy. It’s not going to make an impact on the place. Officially, or otherwise-

Jim Malliard 43:40
So you mean not-not my old junk TV?

Dan Shaw 43:45
Which is-rings us to our next point where you hopefully would bring garbage bag because you might pick up a few pieces of trash along the way. Withdraw with-when you go withdrawing your own energy and if you can steward the place by picking up a little trash along the way, that’s a great way to take care of the energy of the place. And then you might, you might feel tempted to bring something home with you, you know, kind of an offering from the place to you in that other direction. And I would just caution people to do that with all due respect and to leave the places they found it. To the degree they can. I mean up to take home, it may be a pinecone or something might be appropriate, something sustainable and renewable and not-not have an impact on the wild edibles or that kind of thing. So that’s our-I wanted to kind of give people some ground truth on on what they might do when they’re-when they’re visiting that action spot since we’ve had a lot of time and kind of-

Jim Malliard 44:45
I’m glad we went through it because I think it’s important for like I said, no matter… You could take that and transform it into great advice, just a matter of if you’re going out investigating or if you’re going out looking for a peace of mind through seeking out a vortex or in, you know, any of these other things. It’s just great advice period, let alone as you step it through whichever you want to step it through.

Dan Shaw 45:12
Well, thanks, thanks for a really kind of backing out and giving us the wide view because that’s, that’s very much true people may think they’re going to Tahoe to- or to Reno to gamble or Vegas or whatever, or they may think they’re going hunting or mushroom hunting or they you know, whatever it might be, that takes you out into the awesome beautiful natural landscape that’s so inspiring and energizing. You know, I hope that people will just expand their… Hope that I can expand my perception to-to where I can really see that no matter what I’m doing, that I’m making this profound, deep healing connection with-with the place with the earth.

Jim Malliard 45:57
Because I’ll raise my hand right now. Before I even start talking about this, I know it’s true, guilty as charged. We don’t say we, we all say we want to get away. We, you know, there’s, I’ve seen probably 10 people in the last two days say, ‘I’m getting ready to take a social media break’. You know, they’re guilty as charged, right? I know, I haven’t said that but we’re all-we all say it, right? We all say it. But did- actually do it and get away and do something like we’re talking about going out and seeing any site just for even two hours, like take a movie, right? Take a break outside, turn the phone off. It’ll make a day’s worth of difference.

Dan Shaw 46:42
Yeah, with sweet weeds as human beings, we need to connect with that place and, you know, appreciate some people might be a little aghast that I say hunting there. But it’s just, it’s very much true that the sportsman, the fisherman, the hunter are going to be very, very much in tune with the natural energies of the place. They’re going to have spent time in the rivers, on the shores, in the woods, you know, going to sleep when the sun goes down. They’re seeing by fire, perhaps after dark, and then now having the moon shine on them and not having city lights and being able to see the stars and knowing when the-when the fish are going to bite and when they’re not, you know? The people who are out in nature are intuned to these natural cycles. They maybe don’t talk think-or think about them as vortexes, but to me, those are the people who are really masters and have wisdom about these natural cycles.

Jim Malliard 47:48
Or just have really cool places to go visit. You might just want to follow them and not tell them what you’re up to.

Dan Shaw 47:58
Right going out with a bunch of good old boys, might want to keep it on the down low a little bit. But then when you get out there around the fire and you start telling stories, you might- might be surprised if the guys you thought were the good old boys. I don’t know.

Jim Malliard 48:12
Yeah. Oh, so what’s-what’s next? I mean, you’ve got you said you’re you’re working on some more books. Speaking of good old boys…

Unknown Speaker 48:21
Oh gosh. Well on my research, when I’m at home in Southern Oregon, my research involves talking to folks such as are listening to your show and hearing about their places in their area and their experiences and course surfing the internet and reading books and learning all I can about geophysics. I’m not a geophysics, I’m a geographer but, geophysics. Also mysticism, yes, and the science behind them. Earth magic, I’d like to say. And so yeah, talking to folks, just, and again inviting folks to contact me. My email is, love to hear people’s stories. And perhaps I can lend some insight. I can maybe indicate which places are favorable, or why you might have had an experience around certain places. Also, we have the ability to manipulate these inner Earth energies. Whether we’re clearing a haunted place or doing some other kind of energetic work, we can build monuments, energetic devices, just as did the ancients using energetic materials to actually affect our home, our garden or offices. And I have available to assist people with that.

Jim Malliard 49:54
Yeah, just fast- I’m still fascinated. I’m just interested now to see how it all lines up and well I guess just to see, I guess I should- notice I’m saying how it all lines up, right? I’m not saying if. I’m just interested to see how it lines up because I, my mind’s already gone. Without a doubt they’re probably lining up somehow.

Dan Shaw 50:14
Well, I like the analogy things lining up.

Jim Malliard 50:18
Yeah, I just I’m a firm believer and things happen. Things happen where they’re supposed to happen. Here’s the proof of that statement.

Dan Shaw 50:29
Well, you are, you have some, let me say you’ve got some very interesting karma that you’ve, you’ve chosen to work out by interesting, just one paranormal person after another. You’re doing some great work and in bringing light to these topics. I hope, you know, I hope that I’ve shed a little light on the topic for you here tonight.

Jim Malliard 50:59
You have. If-that’s why you’re back, obviously, because I was still interested.

Dan Shaw 51:02
Oh, right.

Jim Malliard 51:03
You’re- I’m still interested! Right?

Unknown Speaker 51:05
Right? I passed the audition and I got the-I got the call back.

Jim Malliard 51:08
No- not only did you pass the-not only did you pass the-obviously interested me enough to get you and interested enough to have the-for you to do the first show and then-

Dan Shaw 51:18

Jim Malliard 51:19
-Without,without blinking, I’m bringing you back, like instantly, like compared to some people. I have a whole list of people, Dan that I say, ‘I’ll get you back on’ and it’s been 6,7,8 years. Okay? Here comes a hate mail to Dan right now.

Dan Shaw 51:37
Well, we all have a kind of a backlog by speaking for myself here but it’s brilliant. I’d like to send you a little presentation I got. It-It’s kind of blurring the lines between like book and presentation here, but I did a little thing called ‘How vortexes affect us’. Very literally, you know. Anything that to my mind, anything that is a sensation, whether it’s pressure, temperature, wind, whatever it might be, these things all have the potential to be stressors for our body actually to be there-the you know, like some kind of an impulse, whether it’s light, sound, electromagnetism. It’s something that can either heal or kill. So it’s, it’s vitally important, I think, to understand our electromagnetic, our subtle energy bodies, and then how the environment around us is affecting us and people off-because thinking about the electromagnetic field will just, you know me, because I’m obsessed with vortexes, and a few other folks. So I hope, I hope you’ll find it of interest, I’ll send that along to you. It’s kind of a recent monograph. It’s not available for sale yet on my website. But it folks, when folks email me, I’m happy to send that along.

Jim Malliard 52:50
So- oh! Before we forget, give me-give me your website and the map website and the titles of the book. And you know, you know what I’m saying here, give me all of that stuff.

Dan Shaw 53:00
Sure. Again, thank you. Thank you so much. Dan Shaw. I’m the vortex detective. I’m at and and I’ve written a couple of books: The Vortex Field Guide, Stonehenge Gardening Tips: Using Earth Energies in Your Garden. And oh, I’m just excited to be getting your calls and emails and hearing from you because at the moment I’m in Southern Oregon. No place exotic but still plenty interesting landscape, Crater Lake in the neighborhood, Mount Shasta, coast, redwoods and I’m happy to show people around my neck of the woods.

Jim Malliard 53:40
Yeah, I have just still happier here. Dan, jeez. Okay. So-

Dan Shaw 53:47
Come on out.

Jim Malliard 53:51
Yeah, it’s just fascinating. So I almost want to say this. Now this this, this is where it gets ridiculous, right? After we get the-the map stuff done, I want to get my points on a map, get you to get you some points that might, you know, go back and forth. I think we have to do this one more time so we can talk about what we actually have.

Dan Shaw 54:11
Well, sure, sure. So, so you’ll email me your actual physical address, and we’ll look at it in the micro, the place itself, and then we’ll back up and we’ll look at it in the macro and its relationship to the surrounding area. And then we can help you to adjust the energies of your place because whatever you’ve got there in the built environment that’s created various kinds of vortexes for better or worse. As we talked about last time, even the shape of rectangular room the size and proportions of a rectangular room can actually have a harmonic or dissonant relationship.

Jim Malliard 54:47
And I’ll get you some other places like I said, that have some sort of historicness to me, get you the address or to close address for each site, just for the sake of it. Well, I’ll have to find it again, but I know where it is, I just have to find on the map and get the intersection there. Okay. Before I before I shoo you out of here, I gotta say this, I’ve got to say happy birthday to you and I’m gonna say happy birthday to the Germantown runner whose birthday is today. Your birthday is tomorrow. So Happy Birthday fellas.

Dan Shaw 55:20
Thank you.

Jim Malliard 55:22
Happy for you both. I wish I could get you something both great. But instead-

Dan Shaw 55:27
Oh you have. You absolutely did.

Jim Malliard 55:30
Instead you you get to hear ‘Happy Birthday’ from me. And hopefully that’s-that’s hopefully, hopefully it’s the thought that counts. If not the checks in the mail but just don’t cash it. Well, Dan, I’m looking forward to working together getting this other stuff cracked out and then we’ll get a date once we get everything squared away so we can present what we find. If we find anything. I’ll have you back. Us guys-

Dan Shaw 55:57

Jim Malliard 55:58
Us guys totally out to lunch. We can do that too.

Dan Shaw 59:59
Do you realize, do you realize how bizarre would be if I didn’t find anything as would be like a place totally devoid of any-sort of electromagnetic null zone?

Jim Malliard 56:09
Well, then you have to have something there. Right?

Dan Shaw 56:11
Right. So yeah, still be an anomaly.

Jim Malliard 56:19
I’m sitting here now, now I’ll be that guy. Look at all these voids. There’s 10 voids on the map. And this guy’s got stories for all 10 of them. Look at this, this will be great. I’ll be the, again, just the opposite of what everybody else expects. So…

Dan Shaw 56:35
well, you’re just too easy. You’re too easy an interview there. You didn’t, didn’t, didn’t disagree with anything I said. I don’t think, so…

Jim Malliard 57:53
So who else who else is on board with this? Who else is excited to figure this out? Am I alone on this? Did anybody out, go look at the tweets that I sent to? That’s, that’s the bridge I’m talking about. I haven’t been there in a couple years. I plan on going back. I want to see if it falls in this grid. I want to see if the place that I lost time falls on the grid. I’ll be interested to find out if my house falls on this grid. There’s a couple other places that we could put on there just to see. That I’m interested in, that I haven’t really talked about. But it’d be interesting to see, right? I’m not totally out to lunch, you guys are-you guys are into this too.
Yeah, Brian’s wild Skeeter story, man. That is, if we got it-we got to find this guy. I don’t know where, how… Just got to do it. So I want to talk to him. And I’m so excited man. Next few weeks, oh boy, I don’t really give out names of guests. I’m not going to tonight but economics. A big, a big time sports guest coming on as well. I hope I’m not overhyping that. I mean, he’s only one of…what is it 30 people in America that do this? So is that-is that overhyping it? Being-when I’m talking about sports 1 of 30 in the United States to do something is that overhype? I don’t know. But I think you guys will enjoy him because he has been sensational and will be, going forward. So I’m just excited. But I want to thank Kat Ward, Paranormal heart. Levi from down under and the latest Wr250, A little Podcast That Could, GermantownRunner, always good to see you again. Happy birthday. Brian Bowden from Nobody But Me. Who else did I miss? If I missed somebody, I’m sorry.

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