Danger found within research papers?

You mentioned earlier there was some oral history about danger with the papers.

Well, yeah, there was a, there was an oral history and in the Spanish then the family of the Spanish family that got them from Elsa. Now I know I got this from the family when I, I interviewed the, uh, the previous owner and he said that his grandfather who had been a colonel under Franco had it said, hey, don’t let them know, don’t mess with these papers. It could be some riskier. It’s in danger to some danger assigned to get papers. Uh, so the, the papers remains, remained boxed up or in a small box. I guess in our trunk until the grandson in the 21st century decided to open up and look and uh, you know, you in greater detail, um, 30 years ago, my entire method of dealing with these papers would have been totally different. I would have, I would have probably written the book but as a, uh, as a paper and then put it in, put it with the papers.
I would have explained everything just like I did in the book, but the book with the papers or the research with the papers and then put it into a time capsule to be opened later. Much later. Maybe you know, about this time period. Um, so, um, yeah, there would have been great danger with these papers 30 or 40 years ago. No doubt about it. I mean, I’ll have to admit that part, but you know, people ask me, is there danger now? I don’t. I don’t believe so. I think it’s a historical, it’s very historical at this point. We’ve got a lot of the issues that the United States government is facing that are a priority, you know, peace in the world and other things. So, um, you know, most, most, I won’t say all, but most of the people that were involved in the Kennedy assassination must say involved. We had, you know, around in that time period where they were. I’m not involved with the assassination as such, but it involved with the events, um, uh, are either, you know, are very old and most of them passed away. It may be a few out there, but they’re very old and they may not even, you know, I, I’m very careful in the book. Good to point out the fact that, uh, you know, there is no guilt by association when you’re dealing with an assassination network.
Dick Russell, who did the foreword of my book, he said this is the most important book ever written on the JFK assassination.
you know, he states that I do not leap to conclusions. I tried to be very fair and balanced, take a very objective or objective approach to this and not trying to incriminate anyone. I’m just trying to state with the what the evidence shows and we’re hearsay. Here’s a network here who’s involved and then let future historians kind of flesh this thing out because I don’t have all the answers. I just. What I’ve done is identified in assassination network that was in Dallas. A covert network is tied to our government and that’s going to have to be explained one way or another with or without the papers. My book now is exposed this network and it can be reconstructed without the papers. So, uh, you know, getting the papers isn’t gonna stop it now because I think I’ve described the network in the book.

Ralph Ganis

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