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Daniel Bautz


“An honor to be the guest on the one year of The Malliard Report. I look forward to doing it again”

Daniel Bautz

Show Notes for May 29, 2012

2:37 Paranormal Unity

12:53 Welcome to Daniel Bautz

15:15 Whos your dream guest?

17:17 Zombies in Miana, Florida

20:55 cool hobby of directing moives

22:06 UFO’s in Lake Erie

28:31 Cell phone apps on paranormal investigations

29:17 A question for Jim, does the equipment help you on an paranormal investigation?

32:36Ghost Hunting Gadget, does it work?

37:55 Is paranormal as a whole being a religion?

44:07 Suicide and heaven

52:15 Tom Hanks in the Terminal movie review