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Daniel Johnson – Mormon Author

Guest: Daniel Johnson

Another exciting week on the Malliard Report, and definitely one for the books as well, as Jim Malliard, the host of the Malliard Report, the Fastest Hour on Paranormal Talk Radio on the KGRA brings out special guest Daniel Johnson. Daniel Johnson mostly being known as the author of several books, “The LDS guide to Mesoamerica”, as well as the guidebook known as “The LDS Guide to the Yucatan.”, with most of his work revolving around ancient American sites, culture, artifacts, and even a lot more, all of it relating to his work within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and his faith as a Mormon.

As usual, and as fans of the shown know, Jim Malliard likes to start off mostly with the first half of his shows introducing us our guests, and their works, as well as discussing with them on a personal basis to allow not only him, but the listeners as well to get involved and get to know our guests, and with Daniel Johnson it’s no different. The conversation starting off lighthearted, and silly of course, as well as the promotion of his works, including his guide books and work within the Latter Day Saints church, and of course what brought our guest to the world of mixing in the Paranormal with his love of his Religion. Culminating in a discussion that moved onto the adventures that Daniel Johnson has had, including his favorite locations being mostly located in Central America.

What mostly is interesting in this weeks episode is how our host Jim Malliard discusses the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with our guest, admitting that he doesn’t really have a lot of knowledge on the Mormon church as a whole, opening a discussion between them as Daniel Johnson tells him. Personally speaking, any fans of the show, Mormon or not might find this part of the first half one of the more illuminating, as it delves deeper than beliefs in the paranormal, but touches on something more profound in the world of spirituality, and belief, that any one can enjoy, whether they’re religious or not, getting a fascinating and in depth discussion.

In fact, it’s through that discussion that sets the pace of the entire show itself, delving deeply into all facets of the discussion from when Jim Malliard discusses with Daniel Johnson on how the Church views the paranormal, as well as Paranormal Investigations and all, as well as our guests reactions and thoughts regarding it outside of the church on spirits.

And it continues to get even better after the Second half when we come back from the show, where the discussion regarding the paranormal moves on to topics that include a subject that not many people touch upon, combining the thoughts on what the Nephilim are, and might be, connecting them with Aliens, and whether or not we’re alone and how Aliens juxtapose themselves within the Mormon faith itself.

No spoilers of course in this weeks summary of the show, as those of the Malliard Report believe that this is one show fans do not want to miss, and newer listeners would be delighted to join in on. Whether you’re religious, or not, Daniel Johnson shows he’s a fun guest, and shows why the Malliard Report is the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio.