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Dark Waters Paranormal Researcher


Po-boys, beignets, jazz, and one of the oldest haunted histories in the United States; welcome to New Orleans. More than just the land of amazing food, and legendary phantoms, it is where this week’s guest of The Malliard Report calls home.

On this episode Jim welcomes Dark Waters of The Dark Waters Channel. A New Orleans native, Dark Waters states that the paranormal is just a part of life there and with so many different paranormal elements (old history, war, mythical creatures, voodoo, disgraceful human practices, etc.) that it creates the perfect “paranormal gumbo”. After realizing that just about every one of his friends and family members (himself included) had a story to tell, Dark Waters began putting these stories together to eventually culminate into what the Dark Waters Channel has become today.

Dark Waters brings a new format into the world of recounting paranormal experiences. More than just retelling old stories, Dark Waters seeks out, and researches the history of some of the most chilling encounters with the unexplained. Dark Waters then presents these stories in an audio book style format, and with the goal of leaving the listener frightened at the end of every segment, it is very easy to see why his channel continues to grow at an exponential rate. Dark Waters’ attention to detail, and focus on the little details causes the listener to not only visualize the scenario, but allows them to feel as if they are a part of the experience as well, and this certainly ups the creepiness level making for a more addictive listening adventure.

In this episode Jim and Dark Waters discuss the history and future goals of the Channel, the resiliency of New Orleans itself, thoughts on Ouija boards, how to determine the credible stories from those that are complete b.s., and a story about a cryptid two legged creature in a cow pasture that would certainly scare anyone that encountered it.

Head over to Dark Waters’ website or YouTube channel to listen to some of the stories yourself. The story of the possessed 13 year old girl names Taylor certainly had me on edge, along with the ghostly pachuco being a personal favorite. Also, let us know what you think in the comments below or through Twitter @Malliard.