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Dave Considine – Religious Demonologist


This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes back Dave Considine to the show to discuss demons, UFOs, negative attachments, helping families suffering from demonic activities, and problems within the para-entertainment industry.

Dave Considine is religious demonologist and expert exorcist, but unlike many of the other “professionals” that can be found within the entertainment industry, Dave has been officially sanctioned by the Catholic Church. In his 26 active years within the paranormal field, Dave and his team have handled thousands of cases that range from elemental hauntings, demonic infestations and possession, poltergeists, and even religious/governmental cover-ups.

Growing up in Connecticut, Dave committed himself to focusing on the paranormal at a relatively young age. Following a paranormal experience at the age of 12 that terrified him, Dave began his pursuit to gain a better understanding of what occurred to him, and offer help and healing to those that have encountered similar situations. Following a career in the military, Dave founded his company Phantasm Psychic Research and began studying under Ed Lorraine (Ed and his Wife Lorraine are known most for their work in the infamous Amityville horror case) and Bishop Robert McKenna (one of the leading exorcists within the Catholic Church and have been in the field for more than 27 years).

Dave is set apart from many of the other “experts” in the field of demonology and exorcisms in the fact that Dave does pursue these cases for the simple thrill of the investigation, but rather to help those that are being adversely affected from negative entities. Dave has been quoted saying “…as a religious demonologist, I often see people at rock bottom; terrified, desperate. The most rewarding part of my job is helping them put their lives back together. I see the trauma they go through, and I help them to fight back, using their faith. I hate seeing people victimized by the demonic, but it’s incredibly gratifying to watch them come back, more faithful and stronger than they’ve ever been before.”

Dave keeps an incredibly busy schedule; between his appearances on the BBC, CNN, The Discovery Channel, Coast to Coast AM, touring the college lecture circuit, and much more. You can keep up with all of his happenings on his website . Don’t forget to keep up with all things Malliard here on the website, or through Twitter


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