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Dave Lugo

Typically, it is best to steer away from generalizing statements, but it is quite safe to say that we are under a constant barrage of “information” right now. As much as it pains to use the now over clichéd phrase “unprecedented time”, but it is the only description that is best utilized for this situation. Information is being dumped by the truckloads, and let’s be real here for a moment, most of it, you can’t help but waive the B.S. flag from the highest mountain top. Reports of fake deaths, news outlets using footage from previous disasters or stage sets and claiming them to be different locations, conflicting information from one source to another, rogue governors making the rules up as they go, and the tension raising higher and faster with each passing day. But is this something that is really new? Was this not forewarned by many vocal individuals in the past?

This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes filmmaker, author, and researcher Dave Lugo to the show. Over the last few years, the near jack boot authoritarian approach to silencing and eliminating alternative media outlets has been operating at a near fanatical pace. With the demonization of the likes of Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Liz Crokin, and so many others for calling out the false narratives and coverups, Dave felt that the story needed to be told. Wrangling in some of the biggest names in the alternative media circuit, Dave has put together one of the most comprehensive dives into the overt censorship of the alternative media. Sensational is a fantastic piece of film that will truly open the eyes to even the most stubborn of mainstream believers.

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