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Dave Scott


Even after the paranormal entertainment wave reached its peak a few years ago, and with the longevity and popularity of a few television shows to this very day, the paranormal and conspiratorial genres still fail to gain the respect that it deserves within the “mainstream” media outlets. UFO stories are written off as airplane lights misidentified by drunken red necks and ghosts are nothing more than over sensationalized door creeks and radio static staged for television. Therein, any credible evidence that does surface, or those that are legitimately making great strides within the field are quickly shoved aside as quackery. This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes Dave Scott of Spaced Out Radio to the show to talk about his journey to the weird side, his career in broadcasting, and what life is really like in newsrooms.

Dave Scott is the creator and host of Spaced Out Radio; a weekly podcast where he too covers the strange, unusual, occult, and just plain weird. Graduating from Canada’s top broadcasting school in 1998, Dave enjoyed more than a decade in sports broadcasting where he gained the respect and friendships of some sport’s biggest names. However, like many others in the same situation, after a handful of unusual personal encounters with the strange, and a growing frustration for the lack of legitimate coverage, Dave left the sports world to pursue high strangeness. Dave’s many years as a top broadcaster has allowed him to refine his interview style, and combined with his own experiences with the unknown, he has been able to connect with listeners and guests alike.

Dave is an incredibly engaging guest, and is very vocal about his frustrations with the current state of journalism in the paranormal field. Dave’s stories of his past career in sports reporting are extremely interesting as well. (Not everything has to be strange and weird right? Nothing wrong with kicking back and catching a game) To check out Dave’s show head over to where you can catch his show Monday through Friday in addition to articles and many other features. For all things Malliard, is your one-stop shop for past shows, signing up for the newsletter, and so much more. You can also connect with Jim via Twitter @Malliard.