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Dave Scott – Paranormal Radio Host


Guest: Dave Scott

What an excellent show we have for all fans of the Malliard Report this week. Heck, for all of those in the quack pack, this one is a heck of a doozy as well! Jim Malliard once again shows why his show is “The Fastest Hour In Paranormal Radio” when he brings out a very special guest for us all. Fellow Paranormal Radio Host Dave Scott joins us while he takes a break from his own paranormal show to talk with us all about his Show, as well as a bunch of other things as well.

First off with the show we start off with a conversation between Dave and Jim about what got our guest into his current job as a Paranormal Radio host, and what led to the decision to do that. Our guest of course explaining how things have effected him paranormally, and how within the last little while in his life, Dave Scott has experienced a lot of things and phenomena that he can’t explain exactly, which led to the creation of his radio program “Spaced Out Radio” at . In fact as Dave Scott explained his own radio program will be celebrating it’s first year anniversary here shortly, which is pretty excellent as he currently does his show for about five nights a week on average, and has really gone through with all of his plans in running it. In fact, as our guest explains though it’s also a bit therapeutic for him as well, with Dave Scott explaining to Jim that he suffers a bit of depression and anxiety from time to time, and running his show has been like therapy for him to the point he no longer needs to be on medication. That alone is a good enough reason to cheer him on and wish him even more success!

In fact Dave Scott goes even further to explain what his show is about as well, and what makes it different from all the other Paranormal Radio shows that are currently airing right now. Explaining how he set it up as a safe place to discuss the paranormal and paranormal experiences because how even in our real lives, it’s still unacceptable to talk about our experiences. Also as a safe place from other people as well who might even be openly hostile to such believes, telling not only Jim but any fan who is listening to the show that the motto of “Spaced Out Radio” is simply “We Believe Everyone”. While this motto doesn’t keep people from having their beliefs or experiences challenged of course, Dave Scott explains that everyone experiences reality differently, and no two people will ever have the same experience, so by believing everyone he believes he’s created a show that caters to people who have no one else to believe them.

All in all, there are a lot of different things that were discussed on the Malliard Report this week from Dave Scott’s show, to a discussion with problems in the Paranormal Field today in the second half of the show, to even both Jim and Dave sharing their experiences as Radio Hosts. Sadly though, as we always find out with the Malliard Report, it’s indeed the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio, and we have to end eventually. Luckily though, Jim has enough time to share his thoughts with us this week, and as he’s always fond of saying to everyone. Stay quacking, and stay safe until the next show next week.