David L. Kaas

David L. Kaas

You could read the show notes from The Malliard Report’s many recorded podcasts as lots of people do but you’d be shortchanging yourself. For the best of what the show has to offer you really need to listen to the recorded shows as increasing numbers of people are doing. You’ll get more information, more details and just more of everything you want to know.
From the far beyond to the close to home, Jim Malliard, the host of “The Malliard Report,” entertains his audience with insightful interviews with a variety of interesting guests from all walks of life, including celebrities like Loyd Auerbach or New York Times Best Selling Author Jim Defelice.
Jim explores the back story, the hidden story, the things others host’s are afraid to touch. From the secrets of the paranormal to Paula Dean to the Government Spying on us, no topic is too taboo for Jim to ignore. The Malliard Report brings it all to you. Full bore. Jim says Bring it on, bring it on, nothin’ we can’t handle.
There’s the show and then there’s the show notes which give brief details for those on the run who really don’t have time to listen. But again, you are short changing yourself if you only read the show notes. Just listen to a few shows and you’ll be convinced that the show is your best bet.
In 2014, The Malliard Report was downloaded over 135,000 times! Up from 56,600 in 2013. Listeners come from all walks of life and are from all across the world, but share the common interest of paranormal events and activities. We have an average of 110 live listeners across different networks during each show. The Malliard Report has not gone unnoticed by critics. It’s ranked within the coveted top 4,000 shows on Stitcher and is closing in quickly on the top 100 of its category . Off the air, the interactions with fans doesn’t stop there! Our social media reach expands to 60,000 people that fit the perfect avatar of a customer and fan.
What are you waiting for? The show notes are good but listening to the recorded live shows is even better. Set aside some time and pick a show. Gather your friends, have a listening party, ask questions, come up with your own theories, and share them on an upcoming show. Take a few minutes and I’m sure once you listen to a few shows you’ll want to join our growing audience of dedicated and committed fans. We have the information that you’ve always wanted to know. We ask the questions others are afraid to ask and get the answers others are afraid to say. We are The Maillard Report. Listen today.

Original Show Notes

David L. Kaas  – April 8, 2014 David L Kaas is the author of “Farm Physics – A New Cure and More” find it on www.Amazon.comOur bodies are full of South Spun Eletrons, but we’re drinking North Spun fluids, what is it doing to our health?

What is the ‘Self Spun Fluid Concept’? Watch the ‘New Cure and Everything Else’ videos on www.YouTube.com

David shares his own incredible health changes after he started using this method 20 years ago.

How much are microwaved foods and fluids hurting your body?

David L. Kaas ran for President of the United States in 2012 and plans to run again in the 2016 election under the NationOfChange.org write in ballot. Find out about his ideas for his campaign.

David talks about his experiences with aliens, his beliefs on what’s going on and about Agenda 21.

Were we really on the moon in the late 60s?

What is the Galactic Federation of Planets and what does David believe will happen in 2015?

Jim’s Final Note: After 51 weeks of nonstop work, Jim will be taking a much needed week off on April 15,2014. Join us again on April 22,2014 when we have Kimberly Simon as our guest.

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