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David Oman – Haunted House


August 8, 1969. One of the most infamous dates in Hollywood history. A wry 24 year old by the name of Charles “Tex” Watson drove Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, and Patricia Krenwinkel to “that house where Melcher used to live…” and was ordered to “totally destroy everyone in [it] as gruesome as you can.” All members of the Manson Family, the motley crew made their way up the winding roads of Beverly Hills to 10050 Cielo Drive where a small group of people were hosting a quiet gathering. Sparing the gruesome details, Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigal Folger, and Sharon Tate (who happened to be eight months pregnant at the time) met their grisly demise. Headlines exploded across the world and the notorious Charles Manson was soon a household name.

Fast forward to today so as to introduce you to David Oman. Film maker, ghost hunter, and BBQ rib master. While Dave’s ribs may be some of the best that you have ever had, his pit master prowess is not why he is joining The Malliard Report this week. Dave lives 150 feet from the location of the aforementioned Sharon Tate murders and has one of the most actively haunted houses in all of Los Angeles if not all of California…or even possibly the US.

Acquiring a plot of land in the Beverly Hills area at an absolutely unheard of price of 40,000 dollars, Dave jumped on the plot and quickly began work on building his house. Realizing that he was mere feet from one of the most notorious murders of the 20th century, Dave mentally noted his location, but paid little mind and continued on. It was not long before the location began to show its true colors and activity quickly began to ramp up. Scaring off construction crews, dates, and driving his animals crazy, the entities of the house eventually became the focal point numerous “major” investigations. Psychic Mediums, A film, and multiple ghost hunting television shows (one crew even ran away from the location…but we won’t say who…) have made the pilgrimage to Dave’s house and all have received ample amounts of evidence.

This is a fantastic episode, and we will not spoil it in the write up here, so you will have to jump in and give it a listen for yourself. Dave shares his experiences with the spirits of the house, televised ghost hunting crews, secrets of BBQ, and his awesome pets. Make sure to stop by to keep up to date with all the goings on in his house and to even schedule an event of your own within the house, and for all things duck visit  @Malliard on twitter