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David P. Perrodin

There are a handful of voices that have become staples and fan favorites in the Malliard repertoire. This week one of those voices returns, and it is none other than the Safety Doc himelf David Perridon. A lot has happened since the last time David has been on, and he’s produced another amazing book. This episode is certainly a heavy one, with a lot of information to take in. So sit down, strap in, and get ready.
“David P. Perrodin, PhD, worked twelve years as a Director of Student Services before exiting the profession to focus exclusively on researching school safety and high-stakes decision-making in conjunction with his doctoral dissertation at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. As an expert in safety preparedness and response, Dr. Perrodin has presented on public television, in school districts and at school safety conferences. He has access to the top safety specialists in the industry and works collaboratively with this talented network to bring unparalleled services to clients. In 2016, he partnered with Pulitzer Prize winning author and producer David Obst to write and direct a script involving an intruder in an elementary school setting. Since 2003, David has been a core faculty member with Viterbo University’s Educational Leadership Department and instructs aspiring administrators on the nuances of pupil nondiscrimination and school safety.”
Finite faultage, information overload, and general human chaos, David unpacks a lot in this episode, and as usual is always amazing. To get more of David’s incredible work, make sure to head over to his website where you can find his podcast, order his books, and contact him directly. For more on The Malliard Report, head over to where all the past shows can be found, the live show happens every Tuesday night, you can land some awesome merch, and so much more. Remember to rate and subscribe through your podcasting app and reach out to Jim on all the social media platforms @malliard.