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David Paulides – Missing 411


National parks are beautiful and amazing places that draw millions of visitors each year. Stretching from coast to coast, these worlds of wonder spark a level of curiosity that draws some of us to explore deeper than the surface level stops. While most hikers and adventurers find their way home, there is an occasional few that unfortunately go missing. When this does happen, there seems to be a standard process that plays out: We catch a small snippet on the local news, are shown a few images of search teams with dogs and flashlights, and it is on to the next story. We only assume that there is far more detailed process that goes on behind the scenes, but what is being discovered is that the opposite is the case. In fact the National Parks Service does not even maintain a continuing list of missing peoples. Troubled by this, this week’s guest on The Malliard Report began his quest to discover why there is such a lack of information attached to these missing people cases and the often mysterious circumstances surrounding these cases. (Often, these individuals are experienced hikers/hunters accustomed to the outdoors)

Drawing upon his experience as a police officer and an outdoorsman as well, David Paulides started the CanAm Missing project. Frustrated by finding out that many missing people cases wind up buried in a file cabinet never to be seen again, David started pushing for what he believes is a much needed paradigm shift within the system, and thus CanAm got its start. CanAm Missing is a group of retired police officers, search and rescue, and various other experts dedicated to following up ad better understanding the issues surrounding the mysterious disappearances in North American National Forests. (How does an experienced hiker wind up dead in a muddy body of water with no boots and perfectly clean socks?)

David tirelessly continues his efforts in bringing awareness to the public on this matter and will exhaust every avenue possible. He has written several books on the subject (including the Missing 411 series, and A Sobering Coincidence) has a feature length film that is awaiting to debut (that has received great reviews from the pre-screenings), and brings his insight to numerous podcasts and radio shows. David’s cause is certainly an unusual one, and one worth looking into. It is something that one would not often associate with shady under dealings, but David reveals that after a number of “off record” interactions with park rangers he was quickly led to believe otherwise.

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