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David Rountree Paranormal Researcher


Guest:  David M. Rountree


What an exciting show that has been presented this week!

Jim Malliard, the smooth talking host of the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio, the Malliard Report, had a face to face talk live on KGRA radio with none other than Paranormal Investigator David M. Rountree. As the saying on the Malliard Report goes, the discussions that they had were definitely about the Paranormal, and so much more. In fact, as Jim Malliard and David M. Rountree discussed, the last time that these two had had a chance to sit down and properly talk with one another, it was more than 6 months ago. A good thing this week then that David M. Rountree was the special guest, because they sure had a lot to discuss that I think will captivate any audience interested in paranormal talk, and even paranormal investigations.
Leading off with the discussion in the first half, Jim Malliard and David M. Rountree discuss David’s history when it comes to the field of paranormal investigation. The first part of the discussion beginning with remembering specifics from one particular trip that David M. Rountree, and several friends had been on going from paranormal haunt, from paranormal haunt. Roughing it up along the way, sleeping in vehicles, or camping, or sleeping where they can, culminating in a funny story from there where he discussed an incident where they felt they fell into the lap of luxury during a hotel stay. All of it of course being worth it, as David M. Rountree discussed with the Malliard Report how fun it was, especially in regards to setting up the investigative equipment used to capture audio, visual, and other clues that lead to the facts. Of course, the highlight of this discussion that many viewers will probably take note is when our host, Jim Malliard, asked David M. Rountree the question of his opinion of the rising tide of paranormal reality television, and whether or not they help, or hinder, paranormal researchers on the field. His answer of course might surprise viewers of the broadcast, and certainly it does bring forward an interesting point of discussion. Afterwards, of course both of them before the break discuss the upcoming book “Demon Street USA that was authored in part by David M. Rountree, and the hopes of what the book will accomplish, and how the book can be purchased at
The second half of the discussion after the break David M. Rountree’s research not only in other paranormal fields, including the hunting of demonic entities, but also his fascination behind Psychic phenomena, and his theory that links anxiety, with empath behavior. Learning all of this through his own self research that he’s conducted and the countless hours he’s done interviewing various psychics, mediums, and other empaths as well, finding correlation between them all. All of which leads to an exciting second half of the Malliard Report that no listener would want to skip. As both our host, and our guest had observed, David M. Rountree likes to talk, and has opinions on just about everything and wants to share, and luckily for us, he’s an interesting guest to listen to. At the end of the discussion, our guest tells the viewers where to find him or follow him, revealing he’s in possession of several accounts on facebook, his like of the twitter platform, as well as an instagram page. After all is said and done, another excellent week in the fastest hour in paranormal talk, and looking forward to our next guest.