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David Rountree

Original Show Notes

David Rountree

David Rountree is a Physicist, Paranormal Researcher, Author and Wolf Shaman.

-Tune in to hear David tell us about his study on Mediums.

-What types questions does he not liked to be asked during an interview? David loves the tough questions.

-How does David Rountree feel about Paranormal Radio and the direction it is going?

– We discuss his book “Paranormal Technology: Understanding The Science Of Ghost Hunting”, a book to provide a scientific method to ghost hunting.

-Many years ago, a Lakota Medicine Man sought out David to have him train as a Shaman. What are the prerequisites to train as a Shaman? Many forms of religion have base forms of Shamanism within them.

-David Rountree and Robbie Lunt wrote the new book “Demon Street, USA: The True Story Of A Very Haunted House”, a warning to those who would explore the paranormal. Evil exists!

-David explains a few pieces of equipment, for example, the Quadralator and RVPR. Check them out on his website

-Learn about Cold Plasma Orbs.

-David discusses an upcoming Peer Review Page and the work of Hans Holzer.

-It’s been about 7 years since David Rountree has posted his evidence photos online, find out why.

-Find out about his upcoming events for 2014.

-Tune into David Rountree’s show the Devil’s Advocate on Wednesday March 19, 2014 and every other Wednesday.

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