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Dennis Stone – Megalith Structure


Guest: Dennis Stone


As 2015 winds down to an end and 2016 is ready and waiting in the wings, it is only fitting that this week’s guest brings to the table a topic that is creating a lot of controversy in the archaeological and historical fields.

While it is almost considered common knowledge that Christopher Columbus did set sail in 1492, he was not the first to trek through the ol’ Red, White, and Blue. What is not so common knowledge is the existence of America’s Stonehenge (Not to be confused with the Georgia Guide stones, which is another topic for another show). In the southeastern New Hampshire town of Salem, an ancient megalith structure of unknown origin sprawls across the hilly countryside plaguing archaeologists and researches alike by leaving more questions than answers.

With no hesitation, Dennis immediately jumps into the theories of origin for the site and drops a lot of information in a short amount of time. So be ready. One of the first points that Dennis Stone covers is the age of the site. Through the use of many different methods, some of which are technologically astounding, it has been determined that the site is approximately 4000 years old! A construction project from 2000 B.C. puts the 240-year history of the US in perspective doesn’t it?

In a rapid and almost seamless fashion Dennis moves right into the purpose of the site. Dennis points out, much to his chagrin, that the site is what is considered to be a “clean” site archaeologically speaking. A “clean” site in this regard refers to the lack of tools and other typical artifacts that are most commonly found in and around ancient sites. While this may hinder the search in pinpointing the “who” in the site’s backstory, it does shine some light onto the “why”. Normally, ancient sites that are held in an esteemed regard (e.g. places of worship, burial locations, ceremonial usage, etc.) were kept free of typical construction litter to maintain a level of reverence for the site. With this, by a simple process of deduction, researchers were able to determine that America’s Stonehenge was a ceremonial/burial ground with astronomical alignments much similar to that of the more commonly recognized Stonehenge located in Wiltshire, England.

Without a pause, Dennis again unloads a mass of information at a lightning pace diving into the many potential architects of the megalith. As mentioned earlier, the structure itself resembles that of many other sites around the world. This quickly spurs a discussion between Jim and Dennis about how ancient sites globally can share so many common traits. One theory that stands out is that civilizations of old took to the seas in exploration far earlier than we are led to believe, spreading their knowledge and wisdom as they went. Not derailing too far from the subject at hand, Dennis delves into the some of the archaeological indicators of the most likely groups responsible. What little evidence that has been left behind at the site has uncovered Ogham and Phoenician writings pointing to the potential of the ancient Britons being the architects.

To put a bow on this pretty little show before they go, Jim and Dennis Stone answer questions from the chat room, discuss how many megalith sites are found across the world, the controversy surrounding the history of American’s Stonehenge and the Pattee family, how the existence of a popular breed of cat may be an indicator to ancient Viking settlements, and much, much more. There is a lot of information and it moves fast in this episode so buckle up and see why The Malliard Report is THE fastest hour in paranormal talk radio.

2015 was a fair year for The Malliard Report and 2016 is going to be even better. Make sure to stop by to see all of the great things that Dennis and his team are working on, and if you are in the area please go see it for yourself.