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Devon Price

Is laziness a thing? In a world where it seems that the more that we are able to accomplish during our waking hours, the better off we are or appear to our peers is what determines our place in society. If you appear to be less driven or motivated, then you must be a lazy person, right? This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes Dr. Devon Price Author of Laziness Does Not Exist to show and They are here to debunk the ideology of laziness.

“Like many Americans, Dr. Devon Price believed that productivity was the best way to measure self-worth. Price was an overachiever from the start, graduating from both college and graduate school early, but that success came at a cost. After Price was diagnosed with a severe case of anemia and heart complications from overexertion, they were forced to examine the darker side of all this productivity. r. Price offers science-based reassurances that productivity does not determine a person’s worth and suggests that the solution to problems of overwork and stress lie in resisting the pressure to do more and instead learn to embrace doing enough. Dr. Devon Price is a social psychologist, writer, activist, and professor at Loyola University of Chicago’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Price’s work has appeared in numerous publications such as Slate, The Rumpus, NPR, and HuffPost and has been featured on the front page of Medium numerous times. They live in Chicago, Illinois.”

Dr. Price does an absolute fantastic job at truly debunking the myth that laziness is just a trait that some people take on, shows that we really need to enjoy the accomplishments from the day, and not focus on the what else we could have done. You can read Dr. Price’s latest posts on their website and you can follow Them on all the social media platforms @drdevonprice. For all things Malliard head over to or connect on social media @malliard. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe on your favorite podcast app and join in on the live conversation every Tuesday at 9 P.M. EST.