did they tell you that they were moving on or did you just not have them anymore?

I guess my question is, you said you had the spirit around you for 15 years. Did they tell you, I guess, tell you, tell you that they were moving on or did you just not have them anymore?

That’s a great question. What happened was, um, at that time, um, so let’s see, this was in 19 something. I get to do the math here. I’ve been using the board since 1973 just so everybody here knows. So that was 13 years after I started using the board. Um, so 15 years later what happened was the spirit was, um, had not gone well, had not gone into the proverbial light you could say was it wasn’t so stuck like it knew there was no problem with the spirit moving forward. She stayed behind to help people. That was her goal. And so who she was, her name was Wilma Jean and I do write about her quite a bit in my book, the spirits, the wage of four decades of communication. She was very prominent in my development using this tool as well as learning about the other side and what happens in her role and other people’s roles, how the light works and all these different things that I was learning.

But she was a slave, a black slave in the south and was, um, killed by, by the person who owned her. And, but she was also literate, she had taught herself to read and to write and that didn’t always go over very well, uh, in those days, but she was eventually killed and she hung around. She hung around because she felt like she wanted to help out help people. And that’s what she did. So she found me. She worked with other people too before me. Um, but when she found me, she worked with me and we developed a real close relationship that she was the one that was what I call either the gatekeeper or the control, meaning the one on the other, other side of this tool who, uh, opens and allows others to come through and helps moderate. We use that word moderate the session.

And so what happened was I was starting to work with my angels and some other cereal, higher beings of light. And they reminded me that when you tend to hold onto when being that’s deceased and hasn’t necessarily moved on into their next incarnation or into the next phase of evolution, that it keeps them get some stuck. It helps them. And she didn’t want to be stuck. I didn’t want to have her stuck and so we both talked about it. We had it, and I talk about this in the book again, we both had a conversation. It went for a few sessions, but we talked about it was time for her to go and it was really, I got to tell you, Jim and you guys listening, it was really, um, it was heartbreaking in a way. It was like, uh, I developed this relationship. It was a friend spoke to her all the time.

She spoke to a lot of my other friends who would use this tool and she helped a lot of them also use the tool and to say goodbye. It was necessary, but it was sad. I can’t say I didn’t, I can’t say I didn’t do it without a little tear shed. Um, I still think about her very. I’m lovingly and she was the one and the very first spirit guide that I had through this tool and the one that came through to really, um, help me progress. And if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I would have had such great experiences because again, she came through at a time when I said, you know, this being couldn’t cuss at me and when she came in, nobody ever came through again and from there I just keep developing new controls or helpers on your side that won’t allow that either. So that’s. She really was a. She came at a turning point with my use of this tool.

Karen Dahlman

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