Digital or Tape

Digital or tape did you have, do you have a preference? I mean, I’m, I’m, we’re all creatures that digital now. But yeah,

it’s all, it’s all. It’s all digital and media. It makes the editing so much simpler. In fact, what I was at the, uh, the recording studio today, they got the engineer there was pulling up old photographs of what that studio used to look like back in the seventies when they had the big tape machines rolling and then the dat tape. And I said, well, what about daddy says, well, I’ve got a dat machine here. I haven’t turned it on in 20 years, but it’s here. So it’s the digital world is so much easier. In the old days you’d have to record it on tape and you’d have to kind of edit it and swing it over your shoulder because you have to slice it with a, with a razor blade and tape it together. I mean, if, forget it, it’s a big fricking mess. So digital is, it makes life so much simpler.

Robert Clotworthy

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