Do you write daily? Ben Mezrich, New York Times Best Selling Author

I guess what -do you write daily then or how does that work for you?

Well you know here’s what I do a little different than most authors so when I find a story that I really want to get to I spend as much time as I can getting the background research done then I write a proposal or treatment, which is usually you know fifteen to twenty pages long and I actually sell the movie and the book off of the treatment the last I guess six projects I’ve sold as movies before I sold them as books then once I’ve set up the book and the movie I began the real research process so for about two or three months I’m just researching on spending as much time as I can with the characters and digging into whatever world it is and getting all of the research together as I can then I lock myself in my room and I start writing, and so in that period of time I’m just writing and I’m writing ten pages a day for the most part until the book is done and so its not really about number of hours its about number of pages and you know so a day can be three hours or a day can be twenty hours depending on how long it takes to get through those ten pages. And then there’s usually in a couple of months I have a manuscript and so yeah its a heavy lifting process I think but in general I also the fact that I sold the movie in advance – it gives me a chance to work with production to get to know the screen writer and to sort of move everything along quicker and hopefully you end up getting to a movie faster.

Now this just seems is that the normal process because it seems backwards to me

No I don’t think I … I don’t think many writers do this if any other writers do this. You know I got myself to a very lucky position I guess the social network and 21 both were the kind of movies that opened a lot of doors for me and ever since the social network I’ve had great relationships with the producers and so its sort of made this possible for me. And I’ve decided early on in my career that I wasn’t just trying to write books I love movies I feel like there’s a real synergy between movies and books. Books on their own have a very limited audience compared to say a big Hollywood feature so I’ve always felt that if I have to write a story that was good enough to be a book its got to be good enough to be a movie too. So I set out in the beginning to write a book that can also be a movie


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