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Dominic Parker


A field that is plagued by charlatans, television personalities, and those out to make a quick buck
on the latest trends, parapsychology is a mixed bag of reception from the general public. A subject that warrants legitimate scientific exploration yet encounters more mockery than it should, is beginning to see a resurgence in credible evidence and studies. This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes Dominic Parker, who is one such individual that is bringing science back into parapsychology.
Having a fascination with unusual religious phenomena from an early age that eventually
bloomed into a full on passion, Dominic quickly learned in order to be taken seriously within the field one needs nothing short of at least one graduate degree, and he just so happens to be fulfilling those requirements. Currently a PhD student, Dominic is seeking to bring more concrete evidence in supporting the scientific backing to parapsychology. Partnering with agencies like The Rhine Research Center, and developing an app ( Am I Psychic ) that uses scientific measures to test the potential psychic abilities of the user, Dominic will certainly present a doctoral dissertation that will certainly change the views of many in both the worlds of academia and the general public.
Dominic also discusses both the pitfalls and advantages of taking classes within the field of
parapsychology. With a blossoming that is happening within the field, more and more options are becoming more widely available to the public, however, where there are reputable instructors, there are charlatans looking to make a quick buck. Praising once again the fantastic work of The Rhine Research Center, Dominic recommends those that are interested in taking a class on the subject look into the many options that The Rhine offers. Dominic also warns against taking classes and seminars from individuals tied to the more “pop culture” side of the community due to their often lack of actual scientific backgrounds. A hit television show does not make you an expert.
Within this episode Jim and Dominic also discuss the future plans for the app, the power of
combined consciousness and the anomalies surrounding it, remote viewing, and which gender has the better propensity towards psychic abilities.
If you have any interest in beginning your trek into the realm parapsychology feel free to check
out The Rhine Research Center at . You can download Dominic’s app through both the Apple and Android stores for a mere two bucks (remember that the profits all benefit The Rhine) and it is very well done. And of course, for all things Malliard stop by and via Twitter @Malliard