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Douglas Robinson – Vampyric


Before we get started with the regular information provided within these notes, a very important question needs to be answered that is asked during this show. How much would the Six Million Dollar Man cost today in 2017? If producers and writers wanted to be as true to real life as possible, Steve Austin’s rebuild would more than likely cost somewhere in the neighborhood of billions of dollars. Between the hiring out of multiple military and defense contractors, research and development, and “unforeseen” delays requiring more funds to progress further, overall costs would be so high that any catchy title would be impossible. So for simplicity’s sake we take six million dollars from when the show first aired (1974), factor in 43 years worth of inflation (easy because we…have the technology…), and now you have the $31,354,805.19 man. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

Seeking refuge from past transgressions Majken moves to Trenton in hopes to start anew. Taking on the appearance of a college-aged girl, she enrolls in the local university, befriends a local athlete, and falls in love with hunky Thomas Kline. While things seem to be going quite well for Majken, it does not take long for her haunting past to come creeping back up within her; a desire that she is unable to escape. Fearing her cravings for fresh blood will reveal her vampyric identity, Majiken finds herself trapped between exposing her true self to Thomas, keeping her past hidden, and herself out of danger all while keeping a steady intake of that tasty hemoglobin.

This week on The Malliard Report, Jim hosts (albeit briefly) author of Silently Comes The Night and professor Douglas Robinson. Douglas shares the struggles of writing vampire-based works while working within a Christian organization, the inspiration behind his Silently Series books, how he got started, and his thoughts on the modern pop culture construct of the vampire ideology. The interview is fairly short but is still able to get a lot of information in.

Be sure to check out Douglas’ book on amazon here: and also the Silently Publishing site here: You can always keep up to date via Twitter.