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Elaine Matthews Paranormal Investigator


While it is a recurring theme on the show, it is one that needs to be restated; safety and reality of paranormal investigations. In addition to sharing her in depth and long-standing history with the paranormal, this week’s guest Elaine Matthews reiterates the frustrations from paranormal television shows, shares her tips for safety during investigations and discusses the unfortunate stigma that is still associated with having an interest in the paranormal.

Elaine Matthews; writer, investigator, blogger, podcaster, and hardcore home gardener. Elaine keeps an incredibly busy schedule yet found time to sit with Jim and cover the many fascinating projects that she works on. Outside of the paranormal, Elaine has a passion to work with adults that have developmental disabilities. Elaine has written several books that utilize the power of humor to help the learning process. Elaine strongly believes that humor has the ability aid in the process of learning and is an untapped resources that can help out those that have learning impediments.

We all know the layout of the paranormal television shows; history of the place, lights out, and on cue, the activity commences. While this draws in ratings and attention, it like many things that you see on screen, is far from reality. Paranormal investigations are typically a long and drawn out process that often yields very little (if any at times) results. In addition to overabundance of TV “evidence”, the safety aspect of paranormal investigating is seemingly lost in all of the hype. It has been said many times on this show and it will be reiterated, (and this goes for you Urbexers too!) be careful out there! Have a general idea of what the area is like, let someone know that you’ll be there, just keep a good situational awareness about yourselves.

With the mainstream attention of many different paranormal entertainment resources it is absolutely baffling that even in this day in age there is still a stigma with being associated with the paranormal. All too often people refuse to share paranormal experiences or follow an interest in the subject out of fear and ridicule from their peers. Never let something that interests you be hindered by naysayers from the outside. The only thing that should hold you back is you.

This episode is far more than pep talk into chasing your goals. Jim and Elaine discuss their opinions on Ouija boards, growing up in a haunted house, building on Native American burial grounds, and the mystery behind seemingly ethereal music and melodies that will pop into Elaine’s head.

Make sure to pop over to Elaine’s website to keep up with everything that she is working on, read her blogs, and listen to her podcast at Also check out the new and improved site and leave a review!


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