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Elena Servidio-Schwinn


Considering everything that has occurred over the past year and a half, it would be safe to say that everyone is a little tired. Just about anyone that you talk to, it seems as though they feel the same thing. Exhausted, burnt out, and just “over it.” The concept of “selfcare” and rehabilitation has never been more prominent. Everything from simply turning your phone off, to finding your quiet place, to building a routine to recharge. This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes back a fantastic guest that just so happens to be an expert within that field, as well as many other. Joining us for this episode is Elena Servidio-Schwinn.

Elena Servidio -Schwinn a Modern-Day Muse is a Divine Anointed Ambassador who works to bring knowledge, inspiration, messages and products from the higher realms. She is an intuitive counselor and crossroads healer who works one on one with people by using her gifts and abilities to inspire, assist and guide them to their own brilliance and towards their own personal journey towards ascension, and fulfilling their life’s purpose and helping them attain true abundance. Elena works speaking with leaders and masters of many modalities, religions, etc.…about the shift and sharing personal experiences during these transitioning times.”

Elena is a fantastic guest and is certainly doing a great thing. Her passion for what she does and believes in comes through in the way that one can’t help but stop and take notice. You can visit Elena’s website where you can read her latest blog posts, get advice through various training (spiritual and physical), and even book your own session with her at Elena also hosts live sessions on her Instagram every Sunday and Monday nights. For all things Malliard Report, head over to where you can catch up on past shows, get your own merch, and more. Remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcast app, and follow Jim on all social media @malliard.