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Elizabeth Saint “Ghosts of Shepardstown”


This episode of The Malliard Report features the very special guest, Elizabeth Saint. Saint leads a busy and quite diverse life as an actress, model, electrical engineer, paranormal investigator, and co-investigator of the Destination America television show; “Ghosts of Shepardstown”. Elizabeth draws from her engineering background to push the technological envelope within the paranormal investigating field, and is an advocate for the open sourcing of technology so as to better and bring more credibility to paranormal investigations.

Elizabeth’s career did not start out as a ghost chaser, but rather within the realm of high fashion. Originally signing a two year modeling contract, Elizabeth moved to New York immediately following her high school graduation. After a few years in the modeling circuit, Elizabeth begin to feel that something was missing from her life and soon found herself pursing her Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. As an engineer, her expertise was quickly noted and awarded with many high level professional opportunities including her current position within a Department of Defense contract. While not originally on the forefront of her career ambitions, her fascination with the paranormal continued to stick with her. With a strong curiosity for the unknown and an innate tinkering ability, Elizabeth soon established herself as a leader in paranormal gadgetry. Noting her expert talents, Elizabeth was sought out to co-host the Destination America show “Ghosts of Shepardstown” alongside Nick Groff and Bill Hartley.

Shepardstown is known for being the oldest town in West Virginia, and one of the most haunted locations in the United States. Calling upon the research, investigate, conclusion recipe, Elizabeth, Nick, and Bill alongside many of the local townspeople, dive into some of the most active locations they have faced to date. Unlike many other investigation practices where a team will come in for a night to a location, make a pass, then leave, Elizabeth and the team base their entire operation within Shepardstown limits. This allows for conclusive evidence into the unusual hotbed of activity that has taken hold of the small West Virginian town.

As busy as she is, Elizabeth still finds time to build new tech toys in the paranormal investigating field and has launched her line of “Ghostly Gadgets” that can be found on her website. In addition to being able to order the equipment, you can keep track of her goings on and scheduled appearances where she encourages everyone to stop by and say “HI”. Her website is and she can also be found on Twitter @ElizabethSaint_. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought about this show (or any of the others) in the comments below or via Twitter.


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