Everything is so glamorous in Hollywood, Right? #BrookeLewis

You sleep about four to six hours per night, I’m guessing?

Correct if I’m lucky, that is correct yeah I mean it was so funny like I talk about this with friends a lot yo everyone thinks that everything’s so glamorous in Hollywood and the industry in the entertainment business and its so much freaking work like appearance and reality to all the listeners and especially people who are not in the business you know it seems so easy and it seems so like fun it looks fun and it is. I’m so grateful and blessed but at the same time man it is hard work were talking even just doing just trash and running around to red carpet events at night and promoting your projects and producing is like one of the hardest jobs anyone could ever imagine and even getting ready for an audition as an actor you know so its a lot of smoke and mirrors out here but I’m blessed and I love what I do so the answer is yes busy as hell.

The interview with Brooke is hilarious and incredibly fast paced and absolutely worth the listen. You can keep up with Brooke on her websites www.beyouandfearlesslifecoach.com and www.brookelewis.com and also through Instagram and Twitter @brookelewisla Let us know what you thought about this episode, or any of the others in the comments below, or connect with us via Twitter

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