First Time You find out you are a New York Times Best Seller

I was thinking earlier today because you’ve said you wrote what is it eighteen- nineteen books in the New York Times Best Seller but I guess I’ve got a question about that the first time you got that call what was that like to find out that you were on the list.

Oh you know what I mean its something that you kind of dream about you’re whole life it was my book bringing down the house. You know I’ve written six novels before that thrillers which nobody had read. They were just sort of books that never kind of made it out of the gate and they were all published and never really sold and then I met those MIT kids I met them at a bar and they were geeky math science wiz kids and they had tonnes of money and I couldn’t figure out why they had all this money. So I started hanging out with them I stated going with them to Vegas every weekend and I wrote you know that story you know bringing down the house about the MIT blackjack team and when that book came out it was a little book, it had a tiny first printing it was twelve thousand copies which was really you know not enough to make any list but I got the today’s show and a couple of other big shows and the book just exploded. And its a big moment in your life its kind of funny I was dating a girl who’s now my wife and at the time I kept saying you know I’m not getting married until I make the new York times best seller list. And I said that as a stalling technique, you know I figured it was going to take ten years and then I made the new York times best seller list of this book and I was like oh man I got to get married no I really liked her I wanted to marry her I just but anyway it was just one of those drawbacks.

Well you have to pay for those bad boys too so it makes sense.

Right exactly exactly but it was just one of those moments that as a writer that you will always remember. I actually was at the playboy mansion when I found out. It was a great story …

I was going to say this is getting good isn’t it.

Yeah basically I had gone out to la to meet with Kevin Spacey and Spacey you know had read my manuscript I had written an article for wired magazine about the black jack and spacey and his assistant a guy named James Ebernetty who’s now his head of company had read the article and had flown me out to la and to try and woo me into signing with them they took me to the playboy mansion which was a very successful wooing and anywhere so that’s where I was when I found out and it was pretty wild and I will say it was a wild time.

I know we are off on a tangent here.

No I’m fine forget about it I like it its good its fine.

But but yeah it was sort of one of those moments you know

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