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Frank Castle – Musician


Guest: Frank Castle

This weeks Malliard Report is quite the show for fans to stop by and listen to. There’s really not much that can be said in the way of praise this week, other than to let everyone know that the Malliard Report lives up to it’s reputation as the fastest hour in paranormal talk Radio. In fact, there was so much to go through this week that the show even ended on a high note when Jim nearly ran over his own ending sequence in chatting with our guest this week.

Speaking of guest, this week on the show we have non other than the great, talented, and entertaining musician Frank Castle out this week to talk about a myriad of different subjects. Right off the bat you know it’s going to be an interesting discussion when Jim gives the reigns practically to let Frank Castle talk at his leisure. And boy did he ever talk! In fact, this weeks show is more or less Frank Castle talking about a lot of different subjects from his own personal perspective. The beginning portion of the show talking about his up and coming band, Heist Click (located here at Frank’s personal twitter – ) as well as a bunch of different subjects that revolved around music, and having an online presence. Not only that, but any fan of both music and paranormal might enjoy the discussion as Frank Castle describes what it’s like in the music industry, as well as the various stories he talks of about meeting other artists, the hustle of getting noticed, and even playing as an opener for other more famous bands as well in the past.

However the discussion then moves onto the discussion of the paranormal, with this taking the bulk of this weeks show. Jim for the most part simply sits back, and lets all of us listeners enjoy Frank as he talks about his experiences with the paranormal world, including parts here he talks about seeing dead family members, a scary encounter he had had during a movie, and the discovery of a family member long ago in his family tree that was also a witch, and riveting talks surrounding the paranormal behind religions, and his thoughts and views on religion as a whole. In fact, this whole section might entertain long time fans of the show.

But near the halfway point is where the fun begins when Jim reminds all listeners who are tuning in who the guest is this week, and asks a question to Frank regarding his thoughts about UFO’s, aliens, and the UFO that was supposedly seen over Texas that the government claims was actually just a missile.

Sadly, near the end as Jim and Frank talk about the missile itself, and alien life, and all of that, we get close and closer to the end of the show. While we ended up running out of time and running over, it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to know that Jim would have had some interesting words to close the show with, and as he’s fond of saying, keep quacking and we’ll see you next week!