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Frank Santariga UFO N Hoaxes


On this episode of The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes author and parapsychologist Frank Santariga. Frank’s interest in the paranormal has been a long standing one that originates from his childhood and an experience with a UFO sighting. From that point on, Frank made it his mission to delve deeper into the world of ghosts, Ouija boards, astral projection, shamanistic practices, and much more. While Frank Santariga  is an expert within the field of Parapsychology (his book Paranormal Family and Friends will highlight this) and shares a fascinating story about a phenomena in Montauk NY known as the Hangman’s Ghost, (interesting set of synchronicities: the previous episode features a paranormal research team that experienced their most intense investigation in a nearby area) the highlight of this episode is two major topics in both the paranormal and conspiracy fields: Full disclosure, and Sandy Hook.

Next to an actual landing of a UFO witnessed by the masses, full disclosure is the one item that the UFO community perpetually longs for. While it is a safe bet to say that full disclosure will more than likely not come from any government official, the next option is the hopes of a data leak in some form or other. The question that is discussed is how exactly this leak will take place. Will it come in the form of a Snowdenesque data dump? Or will the whistle blower take a more anonymous approach and leave a set of files in an open place such as a Starbucks? Many believe that disclosure is imminent and once it happens, the world will forever change. The one thing that is certain is that with the information, it will be revealed that we are either alone, or we are not, and both are scary.

Secondly, there are the events that took place on December 14, 2012. While it may seem as though it was a tragedy that saw the loss of 26 lives, once reviewed, the Sandy Hook narrative left too many holes (dark humored pun, my apologies) to be taken as a real event. While this could very easily turn into a full length dissertation on how this was false flag, we will keep it to a few simple questions and points to ponder on:

How does a skinny 19 year old kid with no formal training fire a .223 rifle with military like precision, acquiring a 100% kill ratio with 0 collateral injuries? Where’s the blood? Not to sound too macabre, but would not the massacre of 26 individuals be more of a mess? How about the weird behavior and press conferences of Wayne Carver? What exactly did he mean when he said “I hope the people of Newton don’t have it crash on their heads later…” Why were people filmed walking in a circle in and out of the fire house over and over again and why was there a sign that read “Everyone must check in”? Why was the Sandy Hook school demolished, yet Columbine High School is open to this very day? There is laughing Robbie Parker, and of course, the personal favorite, Mr. Gene Rosen. Two characters that are a standalone story themselves. This is by no means an exhaustive collection of information or questions, but rather a few things to ponder on, while highly encouraging you to do the research yourself and draw your own conclusions.

This episode of The Malliard Report is a great example of how the paranormal and conspiracy fields are not dis-similar categories, but rather just different streets in the same city. So go ahead, do some research yourself while you hit that play button and discover why The Malliard Report is the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio.

Look for Frank Santariga book Paranormal Family and Friends on Amazon, feel free to share your ideas on the show or topics via Twitter @Malliard, and recommend checking out the documentary “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” which can be found on YouTube.