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Garnet Schulhauser – Astral Travel


Where ever you may be right now, I want you to stop reading this for a few moments, close your eyes, and just simply listen… Welcome back. During the little experiment, what did you notice? The sound of a refrigerator humming in the background, the hushed murmur or chatter of coworkers? The inner dialogue of yourself running through the rest of what you have planned out for the day? If you noticed the common thread here, is that there is noise everywhere around us. Whether it is the sounds of simple ambience, or the blaring message from manufactured distractors, noise surrounds us. What if, in all of this noise, there were messages hidden below the “surface”. Messages laid out to help guide our spiritual journey through this plane with just enough opacity to stay hidden from us without the help of some form of guide.

On this episode of The Malliard Report Jim welcomes Garnet Schulhauser to the show. Garnett who currently lives near Victoria, on Vancouver Island, has an impressive resume with more than thirty years of practicing corporate law for multiple blue chip firms under his belt. While his background is certainly that of impressive notoriety, his astral journey with an unprecedented spirit guide is what spawned three books, countless interviews, and a series of speaking events that leaves listeners quite intrigued. In the three books that Garnet has written, he recounts how his life was drastically changed through an encounter with a spirit guide and the subsequent journeys through the astral plane that followed.

In his first book Dancing on a Stamp Garnet recounts how his life changed dramatically one day when he was confronted on the street by a homeless man named Albert. While Albert appeared to be a typical transient at first, there was something that seemed to stand out to Garnet; Albert was actually a spirit emissary in disguise. This encounter soon lead to a number or regular conversations with Albert where startling truths about the world, (both physical and spirit), the hereafter, and the cycle of reincarnation were revealed inspiring Garnet to write a book to share this knowledge.

The meetings with Albert continued and the talks eventually lead to astral adventures which in turn revealed even more truths. In his second book Dancing Forever with Spirit, Garnet covers how on these travels he ventured into the spirit realm, Akashic Records, distant planets with unique lifeforms, and a human civilization that has completed the journey to the “New Earth.”

As more time passed, Garnet’s meetings with Albert became spiritually deeper and more enlightening. The individuals he began meeting became more and more significant, and the truths revealed became even more profound. In his third book Dance of the Heavenly Bliss Garnet recounts his meetings with Gaia (the consciousness of Mother Earth), mythical creatures that live in fear of humans, leaders from other human civilizations, the spirit incarnations of Moses, Jesus, Mary, Lucifer, and Athena, and shares a pleading recounting of a discussion with an Orca about the human mistreatment of our Earthly cohabitants.

Garnet’s story is certainly one that you will not forget, and is one of the most fascinating; leaving you wondering is what you are hearing simply noise…or maybe something deeper? You can find Garnet’s books on all major online retailers and keep up to date with speaking engagements of his through his website listed here:
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